#valuedelivery Campaign Submissions

LCI corporate members deliver value from the beginning of the design until project delivery while eliminating waste and practicing Lean thinking along the way. To showcase how LCI corporate members are delivering value to project teams and to owners, LCI launched the #valuedelivery campaign calling for Lean photo submissions and one lucky LCI corporate member won a core program (Oct. 18 - 19) registration to the 2017 LCI Congress in Anaheim, Calif.! See the #valuedelivery photos here and watch out for them on all LCI social media – we want to show how LCI corporate members transform the built environment through Lean implementation. To join in on the fun, become an LCI corporate member today!

Lean Tools & Technology:

Barton Malow

Line Dragon DCIM100MEDIADJI_0081.JPG

Using the “Line Dragon” to pour concrete more efficiently (faster & smoother), while improving worker safety and ergonomics! When applying Lean Thinking, always consider how you can reduce worker fatigue that is often caused by the continuous strain and struggle educed to perform work.

Barton Malow

Mobile Conex Boxes barton-malow-mobile-conex-boxes

Using “Mobile Conex Boxes” to expedite the most current and accurate information to those in the field, eliminating field interruptions and the struggle to access relevant data! Always consider methods to streamline communications and ways to make it available in real-time.


DIRTT Environmental Solutions

AV Integration

DIRTT’s engineered and factory produced construction provides a precise and complete design to house a unique and multi layered A/V integration solution using Harman SVSi networked windowing processors with three six-panel video walls to meet the needs of the customer.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

ICE Software dirtt_workplaceelements_ice-software

DIRTT uses it’s patented ICE Software to enrich the design process and carry a single integrated data source through manufacturing and construction, essentially a process that “3-D Prints” fully custom construction solutions. This streamlined process uses technology to disrupt the very inefficient process and status status quo of interior building, and in this instance delivering a complex and complete solution in 4 weeks from initial design concept with client and architect.


DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Multi Trade Interior Sub Contractor dirtt_workplaceelements_multi-trade-construction-solution

DIRTT’s solutions here included low-profile raised access floor, branch distribution power, custom ceilings, doors/frames/hardware, structural framing, finishes, and A/V accommodation. As a multi-trade construction solution DIRTT can provide scope of work impacting up to 12 major construction Divisions and 54 sections under 1 Multi-Trade Solution, creating the opportunity for radical efficiencies in both design and execution.

DPR Construction

Mixed Reality Facilitates Field Planning dpr_mixed-reality-facilitates-field-planning

Superintendent from DPR reviews design on site with mixed reality headset Hololens to reduce field changes in congested area at Genentech. BIM'd design is projected onto reality via Hololens; optimizing construction planning for value delivery.


PCL Construction

Daily Field Management pcl_daily-field-management

This snapshot of our field office exemplifies additional Lean planning techniques used daily. On the wall are floorplans for each level with stickies colored per trade. Because of our tight schedule and sequence all trade contractors are required to follow a specific flow and complete a certain quantity of rooms per day. Without following an exact sequence of flow trades will end up behind or stacking. Daily huddles and stickies allow us to correctly and quickly track all trades. On the TV is a screenshot of our 3D scans, allowing us to dimension and confirm rebar and PT band locations if coring or slab rework is needed efficiently without the need for expensive X-ray scans.

Skiles Group

Custom Lean Dashboard & Scorecard skiles_lean-dashboard-and-scorecard

Skiles Group eliminates waste & brings #valuedelivery to our clients with our custom Lean dashboard & scoreboard.


Southland Industries

Hotel Elevator Pipe Rack southland_elevatorpiperack

This pipe rack was created so multiple bundles of copper risers could be wheeled into a hotel elevator for a retrofit project. The cart cut down on material handling labor and reduced the risk of injury from carrying bundles of pipe on and off an elevator.


Linbeck Lean Wall Rough QA/QC linbeck_lean-wall-rough-qaqc

By using color coded QA/QC Go/No Go for sheetrock sequences, the trade partners have greatly reduced the amount of re-work and waste. This exercise also includes the design team for their validation of the wall rough in and incorporates any last minute changes from users that may not be included in an ASI/drawing change.


PCL Construction

PCL Orlando, FL - CitiTower pcl-orlando-fl-cititower

CitiTower is a 25 story building in downtown Orlando, FL. Every aspect of the job requires a Lean mindset due to the complexity, budget, and logistics. As you can see the site restrictions on the project require the use of mobile mastclimbers in lieu of typical scaffolding to complete the exterior of the building. Also, because of the limited space for storage, deliveries are all just-in-time for installation. All deliveries are scheduled on a digital calendar a month in advance to properly plan buck hoist availability.


Lean People & Processes:

Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch "Stands Up" to change bv_standup-to-change_1

Engineers in Black & Veatch's Special Projects Group use Stand-Up meetings to collaborate across the cubicle and country. The basketball is not just because we are Jayhawk fans, but also a way of focusing attention on the speaker.

Black & Veatch

Our old way of capturing information (Delta) bv_standup-2-our-old-way-of-capturing-info_delta

We documented our first meetings on a white-board, but found that accessing this information was arduous and donuts help attendance.


Black & Veatch

Our improved way of capturing information (Delta) bv_standup-3_our-improved-way-of-capturing-information-delta

Now lessons learned are recorded real-time on OneNote where topics may be recalled and searched for further use. We have shortened our design investigation cycles and seen faster implementation of change since the "Stand-Up" has become part of our culture.

GE Johnson Construction

Co-location Electrical Breakout Meeting gejohnson_value-of-co-location_1

Co-location spaces support our teams in providing exceptional value through shared spaces with the right people at the right time. Often times it is the spontaneous events that deliver to most ingenious value to our clients and partners.


GE Johnson Construction

Co-location Structural Breakout Meeting gejohnson_value-of-co-location_2

GE Johnson Construction

Co-Location Takt Planning Meeting gejohnson_value-of-co-location_3


Daily Check-In, Look Ahead & Constraints Removal herreroboldt_daily-checkin1

Construction Support daily check in look ahead planning and constraint removal all in one.


Making Reliable Promises at Mission Bernal Campus Hospital herreroboldt_mission-bernal-campus-hospital-project_lps-standup-meeting

Mission Bernal Campus Hspital Project Last Planner®s' daily stand up meeting making #reliablepromises



Safety Kick-off Meeting herreroboldt_safety-kick-off_van-ness2

800+ workers strong Safety Week Kick Off Meeting at the Van Ness Campus Hospital Project

KHS&S Contractors, Inc.

5-S Gangboxes - Every item has a Place! khss_label-organization-on-job-site

Our Concord jobsites have 5-S Gangboxes. Every key items is labeled and in its place!



Linbeck Morning Lean Board Huddle linbeck_morning-huddle

“Morning Huddle” This short 10-15 minute meeting held each morning helps identify constraints impacting the weekly work plan as well as uses visual management tools to help communicate and coordinate work flow and sequences thus improving PPC's

TW Frierson Contractor

Learning the Lean Advantage twfriersoncontractor_twitter_business-case-for-lean

"Business case for Lean"- another great Lean presentation at ABC Tennessee's monthly meeting.


XL Construction

Lean in the Corporate World xl-construction_

Using what we've learned from LCI for corporate procedures too


Standardizing Company-Wide pankow_process-mapping

Pankow employees meet in functional groupings to map the processes that directly impact their day-to-day work. This is how we engage and inspire our people to see and eliminate waste to provide value to themselves, our teams and our projects


Skiles Group

#valuedelivery comes in Big Rooms skiles_big-room

Skiles Group's #valuedelivery comes in big packages - and big rooms - with trade partners, pull plans & our "Lean Machine"


Last Planner System®:

Whiting Turner Contracting Company

Production Management whiting-turner_production-management

Tight quarters in the production management suite but the team works through the start of a long phase plan, all team players present and engaged!

PCL Construction

Using Last Planner® down to the very last tasks pcl_construction_using-last-planner-down-to-the-very-last-tasks

The team used LPS® all the way to the final day of the project. With only a few tasks remaining, the team continued to find opportunities for improvement in the weekly work planning.


Barton Malow

Last Planner System® barton-malow-last-planner-system

Using the “Last Planner System®” concept (Production Management) to make workflow more reliable and predictable, by collaboratively engaging and using the expertise of trade partners! Always collectively collaborate with those supervising the work, it’s the best way to remove assumptions, create universal consensus, generate innovative ideas, and reduce WASTE.

SSOE Group

Pull Planning to Eliminate Waste ssoe_pull-planning

Here is one of our project teams utilizing pull planning, a Lean process used to effectively organize and execute tasks needed to complete a project—working backward from a project’s milestones. Pull planning is a collaborative approach that can result in an improved project schedule through the elimination of waste from waiting and redundancy. It's another way SSOE focuses our delivery around our clients' business needs.


Warfel Construction

Pull Planning with the Owner & Trade Partners warfel-construction_pull-planning

Our project team, owner and subcontractors all gathered in our big room to utilize Pull Planning on a project that breaks ground next week.

Skiles Group

Pull Planning for Project Milestones skiles_pull-planning

Here’s Skiles Group and some of our trade partners providing #valuedelivery with Pull Planning for project milestones!


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