LCI San Antonio CoP offers new Lean Learning Series for interactive Lean discussion

LCI San Antonio CoP offers new Lean Learning Series for interactive Lean discussion

LCI recently released the Lean Learning Series to provide LCI Communities of Practice (CoPs) and LCI corporate members with a short, interactive and educational presentation and discussion opportunity on six varying Lean topics. Since then, LCI San Antonio CoP leader Brian Winningham, Field Driven Lean, has offered the 90-minute Lean Learning Series: What is Lean? to provide a platform for practitioners to engage in meaningful conversations about LCI’s 6 Tenets of Lean and how they can improve project outcomes. Read about his experience below!

LCI San Antonio CoP Leader Brian Winningham, Field Driven Lean, shares his experience with the Lean Learning Series: What is Lean?

“I really love the Lean Learning series by LCI. They are perfect for having a somewhat structured conversation around some of the different Lean tools and Lean thinking. I recently got the opportunity to introduce two different groups of folks to two of the Lean Learnings.

As part of our local CoP outreach to other organizations, I was recently asked to speak to about 50 people at a local ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors) breakfast on the topic of Lean. The “What is Lean” – Lean Learning was the perfect vehicle for starting a conversation with a bunch of Lean-curious folks. A conversation is often times a better avenue for introducing new things than a sales pitch. Having a conversation allows us to make sure we are addressing actual concerns over something that is new and unfamiliar as opposed to just covering canned materials.

My team and I recently spent a day working on different Value Stream Maps as part of the company improvement initiatives. We incorporated the “Exploring the 8 Wastes” Lean Learning as part of our work and it was extremely helpful in getting us to recognize the wastes in our processes as we worked on our Value Stream Maps. It added to the collaboration and involvement of all present and put us in the right mindset to find and get rid of the waste.

These Lean Learnings are perfect for a Lunch and Learn, a Lean Brew, or even a breakfast. They work for all knowledge and experience levels, from unaware to mastery because you don’t need a special skill to have a conversation.”

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