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Deepen your Lean design and Lean construction education without taking valuable time away from project work with LCI eLearning courses. Everyday, busy design and construction practitioners advance their Lean journey on their own time, from any smart device or desktop.

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Providing small batch learning increases retention and personalized learning appeals to various learning styles. With downloadable resources, videos, hands-on interaction and simulations, LCI’s eLearning is a valuable Lean tool.

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Introduction to The Last Planner System®
Introduction to Lean Project Delivery
Lean in the Design Phase
Effective Big Room
Target Value Delivery
Last Planner System® in Design

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Most companies recognize that its employees are its most valuable asset. Great companies understand that providing employee learning is one of the most important investments a company can make.

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We’re writing the Lean story together. See how LCI’s eLearning courses fuel the transformation of the design and construction industry.
Headshot of Felipe Engineer-Manriquez

Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Project Delivery Services Director

The Boldt Company

I’m like many of my construction professional peers, more work to do than time to do it. I recently invested 90 minutes successfully completing the LCI “Lean in the Design Phase ” eLearning and it immediately paid dividends for my preconstruction teams across the country. I leveraged deeper understanding of which Lean approaches fit better with the design phase of project delivery, methods and engagement matter. PreCon teams I’ve worked with, post eLearning, are reporting consistent measurable project key performance indicator (KPI) improvements. Equally powerful has been receiving appreciation for improved collaboration from clients and design professionals alike. I recommend this eLearning course for anyone that works in the construction project design phase.

Headshot of Henry Nutt

Henry Nutt, Preconstruction Executive

Southland Industries

“For the beginner, Introduction to The Last Planner System® eLearning identifies the key elements of why, what and how, when it comes to executing. I see this eLearning course being utilized for training field leads both internally within a company or on a project. I could also see it being useful for onboarding new team members.”

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Looking to earn continuous education credits? You can self-report 1.5 AGC CM-Lean CEUs and/or 1.5 AIA CEUs. You may only self-report for credits when you complete each knowledge check and final assessment with a score of 80% or higher.