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Lean Certifications

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When Owners Call, Will You Be Ready?

Owners are increasingly looking for people who have verified Lean Design and Construction experience.

Through the LCI Certified Professional-Design (LCI-CPD) and LCICertified Professional-Construction (LCI-CPC) you can show your nationally verified Lean experience and track record of applying Lean principles to real-life projects.

LCI Certifications are based on national standards and offer Lean Design and Construction’s highest designation.

Be ready to answer the call: prepare yourself and your team with the LCI Certification.

The LCI Certification Difference

LCI’s certifications test your existing knowledge, skills and experience by passing a knowledge assessment (exam) and a competency assessment (portfolio review).

Only LCI’s Design and Construction certifications meet national standards and stand for rigor and quality.

Owners and employers increasingly seek LCI-certified practitioners to be on their project teams because they can be assured that LCI has verified the experience and tested the knowledge of the certified person to meet industry standards.

No other program in Lean Design and Construction can make this claim.

Take the LCI Certification Pledge

Be motivated and accountable by taking the LCI Certification Pledge. After you take the pledge, you’ll receive an “I pledge” badge to post to your social media with hashtag #LCICertification and a pin to wear at LCI Congress.

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Owners Value Certification

With certificated practitioners, owners can confidently hire teams with verified Lean knowledge and applied experience.

The Lean Construction Credential: Forging a Culture of Trust

Certification is the Differentiator Owners Have Been Waiting for

Owners Should Embrace the LCI-CPC for Teams and Their Partners

Practitioners Show Their Real Lean Experience

Becoming an LCI-CPC showcases your real-world Lean experience. It identifies you as someone who doesn’t just give lip service to Lean principles, but has demonstrated experience using Lean.

Emily Lowe Reaches Career Milestone in Lean Journey

Leandris Weeden Solidifies His Future in Lean Construction

Contractors and the Industry Gain Certified Team Members

Supporting employees’ growth in Lean Construction through certification demonstrates your commitment to your team, increasing job satisfaction and minimizing turnover.

Here are just some of the companies that have LCI-CPC practitioners working on their teams:

Appeals & Complaints

LCI-CPC and LCI-CPD candidates and certification holders may submit an appeal to request special consideration regarding a decision made by the Certification Commission or its representatives or file a complaint regarding program concerns. Please review the process for appeals beginning on page 21 of the Candidate Handbook, then you may submit your appeal or complaint at the links below.