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LCI Instructors

Welcome to the LCI Immersive Education Program, where LCI Instructors play a pivotal role in shaping the Lean community’s knowledge and fostering continuous improvement.

LCI Instructors are approved to teach LCI education courses, having demonstrated a steadfast commitment to upholding the Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS), properly vetted by LCI, they meet criteria including:

  • Membership in LCI’s corporate network
  • Active participation in LCI’s Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  • Extensive experience in implementing and teaching Lean methodologies and tools

With LCI Instructors at the helm, our program maintains excellence and empowers individuals and organizations to thrive in their Lean journey.

Katie Wells

“I have been teaching LCI courses for a couple of years now, and not only do I get the opportunity to meet and interact with great people in our industry, but I always come away learning more from the experiences and interactions in the workshops. The energy to learn and willingness to challenge the status quo reinforces my motivation and passion for Lean and how it can make a positive impact in our industry”

Katie Wells, Director of Lean Construction, Brasfield & Gorrie

What it means to be an LCI Instructor:

LCI Instructors are vital for maintaining and enhancing LCI’s educational courses. Continuous improvement lies at the heart of Lean’s core principles. LCI requires active participation from all instructors in the ongoing evolution and enhancement of our educational resources. Through this commitment, instructors not only contribute to advancing the industry but also undergo personal growth and development.

Join us in shaping the future of Lean education in the A/E/C industry.

LCI Instructors:

  • Are the only ones who are authorized to teach LCI education courses via webinar or national/local education events
  • Have access to LCI instructional materials
  • Gain marketing opportunities and exposure to CoP members for their effort
  • Are an important conduit for improving LCI course material and for sharing innovation
  • Align with and will follow the Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) developed for the role.

LCI Instructor Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS)

As an LCI Instructor, you are not just facilitating and training with LCI branded materials – you are embodying the essence of Lean principles as an extension of LCI. Your contributions are key in advocating for and applying Lean methodologies within the AEC industry, engaging with owners and industry professionals, and fostering positive change and innovation at every turn.

Conditions of Satisfaction for Approved Instructors:

  • Membership Requirement: Instructors must be a Corporate Member (including vendor, Lean consultant, higher education, owner, and professional services) of LCI in good standing.
  • Clarification of Instructor designation: Acknowledge that the LCI Instructor qualification guarantees the quality of instructors for LCI materials and should not be misrepresented as certification.
  • Support of Local CoP: All Instructors will actively support local Communities of Practice (CoPs) in learning events as needed, working with event coordinators to ensure event budgets are met concerning fees and travel expenses.
  • Adherence to LCI Standards: As an LCI Instructor, it is your duty to ensure that LCI’s standard work, curriculum and principles are upheld and protected, following LCI guidelines and materials closely. This involves staying true to Lean Tenets, using the common language as defined in the LCI Glossary, and applying the Basic Practices of Tools & Systems outlined in our curriculum and publications.
  • Materials and LCI IP: Instructors will only utilize LCI education course materials for presentations at all LCI-sponsored events, such as the LCI Congress, Lean in Design Forum, national or local Community of Practice (CoP) events, and webinars. Any deviation from standard materials will be reviewed with the Director, Education & Certification prior to use.
  • Personalization of Materials: Instructors may personalize the LCI education course deck by adding pictures and experiences for participants that support the standard curriculum with the proper recognition. The instructor will not deviate from the standard slide deck unless reviewed and approved by the Director, Education & Certification.
  • Trademark Compliance: Respect and uphold all Lean Construction Institute trademarks (such as Last Planner System®, Last Planner®, LPS®).
  • Instructor Material Internal Use: Instructors are permitted to utilize LCI education course materials for internal company training, provided it is conducted by the LCI Instructor and appropriately attributes credit to LCI on any LCI education material utilized.
  • Feedback & Improvement: Continuous learning is encouraged through providing feedback via plus/delta and LCI evaluation forms or surveys from both instructors and course attendees. Instructors may be engaged for annual reviews and to implement improvements.

Lean Assessments

How strong is your Lean knowledge? Take a Lean assessment to determine your current state so you have a baseline for improvement. Lean assessments are available for individuals, teams, and organizations alike. Whether you’re new to Lean or are an experienced Lean practitioner, Lean assessments are a great way to get started at LCI!