Learn by Pathway

Learn by Pathway

Journey from Unaware to Mastery

Embark on a transformative Lean journey with our "Learn by Pathway" approach. Each path is designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in a particular topic, bringing you from a state of ‘unaware’ to ‘mastery’.

  • 1

    Unaware: eLearning

    Begin your Lean journey with our eLearning courses. These interactive modules will guide you through the basics, setting the stage for your Lean journey to mastery.

  • 2

    Awareness: Classroom

    Transition to a deeper level of comprehension with our classroom sessions. Led by seasoned Lean experts, these sessions enhance your awareness and provide a comprehensive understanding of Lean methodologies.

  • 3

    Understanding: Apply

    Knowledge comes to life when applied. Gain a profound understanding of Lean practices by actively applying what you've learned within your organization or a local community of practice.

  • 4

    Competency: Advance

    Forge ahead on your journey by advancing your learning. Delve deeper into advanced Lean concepts and methodologies. The Competency Building Loop ensures continuous improvement as you simultaneously apply your knowledge.

  • 5

    Mastery: Teach & Learn

    Lean mastery is a perpetual evolution. Embrace the Lean culture of continuous learning and become a beacon of knowledge by joining our elite group of LCI Instructors.

Learning Pathways

Lean Project Delivery

Last Planner System®

Effective Big Room

Lean in the Design Phase

Last Planner System in Design (Pre-con)

Target Value Delivery

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