LCI Committees

LCI committees support the ongoing work of LCI with guidance and oversight from the LCI Board of Directors.

Communities of Practice/National Practice Team

The National Practice Team (NPT) is comprised of LCI Communities of Practice Leaders, the LCI Board of Directors Liaison, and selected LCI staff and others serving as NPT Core Group leadership. The NPT Core Group supports the LCI Communities of Practice as they strive to grow and advance Lean in their local markets. This includes the development of ideas and tools to support CoPs and the creation of countermeasures for collective challenges, in addition to creating an environment where CoP leaders may collaborate and forge relationships with one another. The NPT Core Group provides standard work, operating procedures and recommendations to CoPs and supports their autonomy in local markets they serve. For more information, contact Denise Erminger.

Congress Planning (Content and Outreach Team)

This planning team reorganizes and launches annually to develop the agenda and speakers to support our major national event showcasing Lean Design and Construction. The planning cycle begins shortly after the conference ends each year and takes about 11 months to bring to fruition. Planning committee members are drawn from across the country including previous team members with experience in planning past Congress events. The program encompasses a learning day, a two-day core program of plenary and breakout sessions to include keynote speakers, and a half-day “Gemba”-style visit to local Lean projects. For more information, contact Joan Piccariello.

Design Forum Planning

This planning group is organized annually to develop the agenda and recruit appropriate industry speakers that will encourage the A&E industry to become more aware of Lean Design and Construction and more interested in becoming engaged in Lean projects. The planning cycle begins late in the year and progresses through the subsequent year, with the Design Forum taking place in the spring. For more information, contact Joan Piccariello.

Design Strategy

This committee is made up of A&E representatives from the LCI board as well as selected others across the industry. Participants desire to create a broader understanding of the benefits of Lean in the design professions, encourage more design professionals to be members of LCI, and enhance the programs that LCI offers to reach the design community. Other goals include: transformation of design through Lean to be the necessary solution to complex challenges faced in the building industry; modeling diversity and inclusivity; and building a stronger membership and design presence in LCI. The annual Lean in Design Award is a centerpiece effort by this group to promote awareness and recognition for successful use of Lean by design teams. For more information, contact Joan Piccariello.


The Research Committee (RC) helps set the research agenda for LCI in consultation with the LCI Board of Directors. It also identifies and leads research projects, based on a process of identification, definition, and implementation of ongoing research. The process leverages the expertise of the Board, LCI staff, and industry volunteers to prioritize use of LCI research funding. Projects may be performed by RC members, LCI members, or external parties. Membership historically has been five to eight academic institutions that contain at least one leading researcher focused on Lean Construction. For more information, reach out to

Respect for People Task Force

The Respect for People Task Force is working to construct a focused initiative to model and advance a workplace culture that welcomes, values and respects diversity, embraces inclusion, and supports space for honest and open conversations about mental health. This initiative is in line with and contributes directly to the broader mission of LCI. This group is responsible for planning events around Respect for People and has chosen to focus on the intersection of mental health and wellbeing and DEI. For more information, contact Maryann Fiala.

Trade Partner Outreach Committee

Trade partner organizations, labor officials, and direct shop and field leads are critical to the success of Lean Construction. There is a general lack of knowledge or education on Lean, fear of change, and no forum for these folks to come together to gain/share knowledge or overcome their fears. LCI has recognized that it is imperative that we continue to broaden our reach across and within this group. This committee has spawned a concentrated effort within the trade community which leverages the trade partner influence within the LCI Board of Directors. Its signature program at the present time is a nationally-based YouTube channel showcasing efforts by the trades to eliminate project waste in brief videos made available for all to view as well as soliciting additional videos from the broader Lean community. For more information, contact Dan Heinemeier.