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Welcome to the Michigan Community of Practice (CoP) website! The LCI Michigan Community of Practice is formed to create an environment where owners, designers, contractors, suppliers, academics and industry organizations can connect, share, learn, and explore Lean principles and processes. Our CoP is a group of Lean practitioners and enthusiasts at various levels of experience and a wide range of expertise with a common interest around improving our industry and the delivery of value to our Owners and community.

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Get Involved in the Michigan CoP

The best way to get involved is to come to our Lean Coffee events. A Lean Coffee is an open forum where participants can ask any type of question about Lean and there is open discussion between their peers on that question. There is no cost, all are welcome, and no previous Lean experience is necessary. Please send an email with your complete contact information to LCIMichiganCoP@gmail.com to introduce yourself and get on the mailing list.

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Our Impact

January 2023: Lean Roadshow

At The Lean Roadshow, get highly applicable instruction targeted to your specific experience level across two days of immersive education. This program will create an environment that will spark enthusiasm and curiosity while sharing tools to start and/or support you on your Lean journey.  The Lean Roadshow will promote education, networking and first-hand experience from industry experts.


Detroit, Michigan

The Lean Roadshow has been designed to offer attendees of Day 1 foundational information and hands-on learning simulations.  Day 2 is designed for the more experienced Lean Construction practitioner and will focus on in-depth education on a more advanced application of the Last Planner System® in a real-world context.  Whether you’re starting out or looking to level up in strengthening your knowledge and skills, each day has been designed to meet your needs.

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Local Lean Buzz

LCI Michigan & PMI Joint Panel of Industry Leaders

What exactly are the fundamentals of Lean thinking and how does it relate to the work performed in the design and construction industry at its core?

Listen HERE to this short introduction to Lean given by Samir Emdanat, President and Co-Founder of vPlanner and core group member of the LCI Michigan CoP.  In the 10 minute overview, Samir discusses the fundamentals of Lean thinking and its relation to the work at its core.

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Core Members

2021-22 LCI Michigan CoP Core Group
  • Leader - Chris Weaver
  • Vice Leader - Bill Miller
  • Marketing - Tom Polyzois
  • Historian - Justin Wieber
  • Emeritus Group - Tariq Abdelhamid
  • Membership/Marketing - Brad Hanpeter

Annual Sponsors

The Michigan CoP would like to thank our 2022 Sustaining Sponsors whose contribution help fund local events and workshops to promote awareness and adoption of Lean.

Michigan CoP's Sustaining Sponsors (2022)

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Field Crew Huddle

Explore the Field Crew Huddle website to see how community of practice members are contributing to a platform for sharing methods, improvements and lessons learned on project sites or shops. Want to be featured? Now accepting submissions.

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Upcoming Local Events


Introduction to Last Planner – “Villego” Training Event (Michigan CoP)


Lean Roadshow DETROIT – Engage with Lean Experts in Your Backyard!


Upcoming National Events


WEBINAR: LCI Course - Principles of Target Value Delivery (TVD)