LCI Short Video Series: 12 Lean Construction Videos

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Lean Video Series

These videos are small vignettes that will show you information about the basic principles of Lean design and construction. Introducing a series of 12 videos highlighting key chapters from LCI’s first publication, “Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change.”

Lean Construction Overview

In the Lean Construction Overview video, you can learn why and how Lean project delivery leads to higher quality and lower costing projects. This video is introducing a series of 12 videos highlighting key chapters from LCI’s first publication, “Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change.”

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The Value Proposition

In The Value Proposition video, you will learn how Lean project delivery emphasizes customer concerns, innovation and value and how it replaces traditional delivery methods to result in improved project outcomes.

Lean Construction Defined

After watching Lean Construction Defined, you will learn about a transformational way to plan for, design and build capital projects.

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Team Forming and Team Initiation

In Team Forming and Team Initiation, Christian Pikel talks about the importance of forming and initiating a project team when implementing Lean project delivery.

Leadership and Lean IPD Projects

In this Leadership and Lean IPD Projects, you can learn about the specific leadership needed to effectively manage Lean and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams.

Respect for People

Respect for people and striving for continuous improvement are the two pillars of Lean design and construction.

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This video explains the value of retrospectives when using Lean concepts. Learn how to conduct a retrospective with your project team to find ways to eliminate waste and continuously improve.

High Performing Teams

In this High Performing Teams video, you will discover the importance of creating a high performing project team to meet the owner’s time and budget expectations.

Team Partner Selection

In the Team Partner Selection video, Dave Roberts explains how crucial it is to have the right people in the right place on the right project when using Lean concepts.

Project Conditions of Satisfaction

Learn the secret sauce to outperforming traditional project delivery methods in the Project Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) video.

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Last Planner System®

In this video, Sarah Brand introduces Last Planner System® as a Lean process that brings stability to the project by creating continuous work flow and reliable commitments.

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Onboarding Team Members

Onboarding Team Members is a video on the importance of team onboarding in ensuring the team’s cultural, behavioral and procedural environments are not disrupted.

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