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Whether you are an owner, designer, constructor or trade partner, it’s easy to explore the resources. Open a world of possibilities for your business now and into the future by choosing your industry below.


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Discover the world of Lean Construction through our comprehensive educational resources. Thanks to the support of LCI Corporate Members, many of these valuable materials are available for free. Access to highly valuable resources like the Last Planner System® Standard Work Guideline are only available to LCI Corporate Members. Join now to get access!


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The Journey to Mastery

Adopting Lean is often described as a journey – we all start unaware and work toward mastery. Explore the Learning Pathways for topically-related resources to progress your Lean journey.

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Test Your Lean Knowledge

Complete a Lean assessment to calibrate your current knowledge and integration of Lean concepts, then analyze your areas for improvement to begin your learning path! Lean assessments are helpful for people who are new to Lean and experienced Lean practitioners alike. Complete your brief assessment today.