Lean Training For Construction, Architects and Tradesman

Learning Lean

A smiling woman in a yellow jacket flips through a notebook as she undergoes a Lean learning course.

LCI’s Immersive Education

Adopting Lean is often described as a journey – we all start unaware and work toward mastery. Once your team learns about the power of Lean to increase value and decrease waste on projects, you’ll want to join LCI’s mission to transform the AEC industry.

Choose Your Learning Path

The Lean Construction Institute offers personalized, comprehensive and immersive education opportunities for any organization looking to implement Lean. Whether you are an owner, designer, constructor or trade partner, it’s easy to choose your learning path and open a world of possibilities for your business now and into the future.

Lean for Owners

After receiving Lean learning for owners, an owner provides instruction to four construction workers on a job site.
If you’re an owner, you’re someone who invests in capital projects. Owners are responsible for hiring teams to design and construct a project. Owners are also institutions, such as hospitals, higher education, pharmaceutical companies, automotive companies, real estate developers, and the like.
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Lean for Constructors

After receiving Lean learning for constructors, a construction worker observes the progress being made on a job site.
A constructor (or general contractor) is someone who does all of the building work on a project. Anyone who works for a construction company falls under this umbrella. If you’re the owner of a construction company, you’re considered a constructor for our purposes.
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Lean for Designers

Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, or a designer, you fall under the category of designer. Designers are the people responsible for designing projects for construction. Owners of design firms also fall under the designer umbrella for our purposes.
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Lean for Trade Partners

After receving Lean learning for trade partners, a worker in a hardhat and safety vest traverses through the job site.
If you complete installation and supply materials for projects – whether that’s plumbing, HVAC, mechanical, or another service – then you’re a trade partner. Owners of these companies also fall under this category.
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A man in a white shirt provides Lean learning to a man in a light blue shirt as they discuss whiteboard topics.

Become an LCI-Approved Instructor

When you become an LCI Corporate Member, you have the opportunity to have employees trained in the LCI-approved Instructor Program to educate everyone in your organization on Lean.

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Test Your Lean Knowledge

Complete a Lean assessment to calibrate your current knowledge and integration of Lean concepts, then analyze your areas for improvement to begin your learning path! Lean assessments are helpful for people who are new to Lean and experienced Lean practitioners alike. Complete your brief assessment today.