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Achieving Industry-Wide Collaboration Through Communities of Practice

Whether you are a seasoned Lean Design and Construction practitioner or just starting out, support and continuous learning are essential. LCI nationally supported Communities of Practice (CoPs) offer opportunities to connect locally, participate in education courses and workshops, hear from local Lean project teams, attend Gemba walks, and more.

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At CoP events, local design and construction peers guide you to discover ways to reduce waste and add value to your project performance culture by giving you the knowledge needed to bring Lean into your business.


Why Join a CoP?

LCI’s CoPs are nationally supported as local resources for launching or advancing your Lean design and construction journey.

NOLA Lean – Making a Community
within a Community

The New Orleans Community of Practice (CoP) has focused on ways to meet people where they’re at since its inception in 2017. Like other LCI CoP’s, the success of the endeavor to form a lasting lean community relies on local volunteers willing to dedicate their time, talent, and energy. The payoff is not immediate, but those leading the effort are likely to gain value in terms of: professional development, new friendships, and as a gateway to connect with other Lean change makers in the broader lean community.

Current and former leaders of the NOLA CoP will be on hand to unpack their successes and stumbling blocks with forming a community of lean practitioners within the broader LCI community and within the local fabric of New Orleans.

We’ll cover the following highlights:
1) Big picture story – A few stats and a brief recap of Forming, Storming, & Norming
2) Strategies for meeting participants where they are on their journey
3) Strategies for meeting volunteers where they are on their journey
4) The Power of Association
5) The Power of gentle nudges and other Lean Leadership tips

Congress 2023 TRACK: Serve & Celebrate—Projects & Teams that Tie It All Together

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