Project Validation Guide maximizes value and team performance

Project Validation Guide maximizes value and team performance

There is confusion across the design and construction industry as to what project validation is, why it matters and how to best execute it. In LCI’s Project Validation Guide, project teams will find direction and resources aimed at validating projects to maximize owner value and lead teams to achieve their common goals.

“Validation is too seldom used in our industry, and when it is, teams often don’t know how best to execute it,” LCI Executive Director Dan Heinemeier says. “This LCI guide is a brand new resource, available to practitioners seeking to position their project for greater success through validation and Lean principles.”


Some of the questions this guide answers for practitioners include:

  • What is validation and what is it not?
  • Can I validate non-Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) projects?
  • When is a Lean Coach needed?
  • What happens during kick off?

The guide is part of LCI’s annual research effort and was developed by Arizona State University’s Dr. David Grau, an LCI Research Committee member, and his team at ASU. It sets a framework while leaving room for variation as needed during planning and implementation as well as how Lean leadership supports proper validation.

What is project validation?

Project validation proves or disproves whether the team can deliver a project to the owner’s business case and scope within the allowable budget and schedule. During validation, teams explore and reflect on various concepts for major project items to choose an option well before committing to its design. Proper validation encourages teams to stay fluid, transparent, collaborative and innovative while simultaneously identifying value-add opportunities. Overall, a properly validated project leads owners to the “biggest bang for their buck” in today’s capital delivery landscape.

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