Creating Great Culture - Two Presentations From This Year’s Congress (Arizona CoP)

Arizona Community of Practice

It’s not about the people, it’s about the culture and the people

At the end of a successful project, how great would it be to transplant that same team to the next project? Instantly transfer all the lessons learned, foundations of trust, and high efficiency work planning! Despite the desire to do so, this is rarely the reality. The reality is that project requirements change, timing isn’t always ideal, team members are promoted to different roles, and sometimes life   outside of work just gets in the way. In an industry that often screams the mantra, “It’s all about the people” how can we setup a project for success when the biggest characteristic to success is a variable that is largely out of our control?

This 2022 Congress Team will discuss the necessary steps in creating an environment where people, despite their experience, familiarity with each other, and even location, can thrive in the design and construction world. Through multiple examples we will reveal that the #1 factor in delivering a successful project is not the people on the project, but rather, the culture of the project which in turn allows the people to flourish. If you define the culture and live it, the project outcomes will follow in parallel.


  • Aaron Zeligmann, Banner Health - Aaron is a Senior Project Executive in Facility Services for Banner Health. He leads a team that oversees development, design, and construction of Inpatient & Ambulatory Healthcare facilities primarily in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. This has included large scale IPD style campus expansions, new Medical Office Buildings, and annual renewal of equipment & infrastructure. His background in construction and passion for improving the healing environment has led to an adoption of Lean practices in a challenging time for healthcare.
  • Eric Ubersax, Devenney Group Architects - As Director in Integration, Eric’s primary role is to ensure the project teams are setup for success. Focused heavily on the health and culture of a team, Eric is an educator and facilitator. Eric has been involved with large integrated and collaborative teams for the last 15-years. He is a leader in Lean delivery in his industry and understands the impact that a Lean process can have on the success of projects.
  • Mike Lee, McCarthy Building Companies - Mike is a Project Director at McCarthy Building Companies where he serves as the primary point of interface for the designers, trades and owner from programming to closeout. He brings over a decade of experience managing design-build, design-assist and traditional   construction projects across multiple industries. Mike is passionate about Lean construction and understands how transformative its practices can be for cultural and operational success. Build a happy team, build a successful team.


The Daily Huddle-How to Get Value and Make it Work for Any Company

When we were working to improve the quality of life for our employees and add value to our clients we hired a lean construction consultant. We got a lot of advice.  We asked it to be narrowed down to the one thing that would make the biggest difference for our people and the answer was Daily Huddle. We had already listed all the reasons it wasn't compatible with our business. Then we did it anyways. It was painful at first. But we evolved. We did it together as a team and now 18 months later it is unrecognizable from its beginnings. The length of time has changed, the time of day has changed, the information shared has changed, the energy has changed, the technology of how people participate and how information is shared has changed. The Daily Huddle continues to change for the better every day and every month since. We now invite others to join our huddle to observe the culture, technology and best practices of our daily huddle.


  • Brian Melcher, Field Verified - Brian leads a multi-faceted enclosure training, consulting, laboratory and performance testing company based in Arizona. He created the first and only hands-on Enclosure Management Training class and teaches enclosure management courses at ASU's School of Construction Management. He began his career building custom homes and retail space in Southern California. 20 years ago, he shifted to quality assurance inspection of residential and commercial buildings across the United States. He led Field Verified in developing ISO-compliant testing procedures to become the first company to achieve the AAMA-Accredited Field-Testing Agency designation built the first accredited mock-up and window testing laboratory in the Mountain West. He is an expert in water intrusion, construction defects, code compliance and building maintenance with skills that include forensic construction investigation, analyzing reported construction defects and resolving construction disputes.