LCI Congress Previews

Mid-Atlantic Community of Practice


This year, we have three LCI Congress presentations to share: 

Assembling A Well-Oiled Team 

How often have you invested time, money, and effort into creating a project team, all for it to be less effective than what you had hoped for?  You are faced with an intense schedule and a tight budget; the demands are high, and you don’t understand why your team can’t seem to work together to get the job done. Frustration sets in, and you are left wondering why it just isn’t working?

 Maybe there is a better way... Through due diligence, purposeful planning and shifting the focus to people, our team has been able to successfully create… implement…improve…implement… improve… a strategy that far exceeds the common trade partner selection process. As we share our T.E.A.M. approach, we will focus on 4 key components that should be considered when assembling a project team. We’ll dive into the importance of developing a process, the benefits of setting expectations early, why building a confident team benefits everyone, and how to create an atmosphere where change is not only encouraged but also expected.

Warning: This approach is different and may cause attendees to modify their current processes to take advantage of a new way of assembling a team. (at least we hope so)


  • Stephen Greulich, Penn Medicine
  • Nicole Wood, Array Architects
  • Daniel Pietropola, McClure Company
  • Justin Wingenfield, Butz Family of Companies


Driving Change – Shifting Gears to Accelerate Lean Across Our Enterprise

Equipping yourself to lead change begins with understanding that success is best achieved when others are part of the change process. We will share how our journey to Lean transformation began, progressed, and is currently operating to support our Enterprise.  We’ll cover how we got started, how Lean motivation has grown (and diminished from time to time), how we created an environment where accountability helped to develop buy-in, and the importance of support from Leadership.


  • Steve Lee, Butz Family of Companies
  • Peter Schneck, Butz Family of Companies
  • Emily Lowe, Butz Family of Companies
  • Semi Toshi, Butz Family of Companies
  • Dan Flickinger, Butz Family of Companies

Driving Design Toward Target Value While Improving Efficiencies in Aging Facilities

Research facilities are often asked to reduce their footprint while increasing operational and cost efficiencies. In this session, using a case study example, our presenters will detail the design; construction; and operational processes undertaken to update outdated infrastructure, improve research adjacencies, and optimize equipment usage into an under-utilized existing footprint. The team will demonstrate how implementing Target Value Delivery at a project's onset impacts a streamlined, efficient design execution process. By sharing the criticality of onboarding trade partners early in the process and examining design strategies such as modular components and pre-planning, this presentation will also show how an integrated team strategy led to the successful completion of this highly technical and complex project.


  • Lisa Litvak, Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Thomas Hughes, Genesis AEC
  • Kevin Hollenbeck, Genesis, AEC


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Light refreshments available.