Lean In Action: Lean into the Resistance (Congress Preview)

New England Community of Practice
Over the last decade our lean advisor’s group has experimented with a variety of approaches in an effort to integrate lean practices into our design firm. Our initiatives have been marginally successful and difficult to sustain. Why the lack of real progress?  What we hear from staff are excuses such as, I'm too busy, or alienation because of the unfamiliar terminology, or a belief that lean is intended for manufacturing rather than creative work like architecture and design.  Despite the resistance, we have made some progress, although it has been slow and inconsistent.  The results of our most recent effort, “Lean in Action” has surprised us all. Participation has substantially increased, real progress is being made, and we are excited about the positive impact we are having on our work and our people. In this presentation we will share what we are learning through our latest efforts so perhaps you, too, can make more progress towards your improvement goals.