Lean on the Front Line: A Conversation with Superintendents

Dallas/Fort Worth Community of Practice
At the end of the day, it’s all about the men and women in the field, building. Which means superintendents are on the front line with Lean—applying, enforcing, and continuously improving the tools and processes. The LCI’s Dallas/Fort Worth Community of Practice invites you to Lean on the Front Line, a moderated conversation with Lean superintendent champions where we’ll explore the use of Lean in the field through the superintendent’s lens. Where and why do they think Lean succeeds or fails? What have been their greatest lessons learned? How can we work together to achieve more buy-in from trades, architects, and owners? What do they see as the future for Lean in the field? All of these topics and more will be covered. Join us for a spirited discussion with Lean leaders as we explore Lean on the front line.