No Waste Wednesday - Designing for Manufacture and Assembly (Mechanical Example) - (Cascadia-Seattle CoP)

Cascadia-Seattle Community of Practice

NBBJ Architects,  AEI, and OAC Services will be in attendance sharing how they applied Lean Design to a recently completed project and how the owner, designers and contractors reaped tangible benefits.

  • Large prefabricated mechanical units.
  • Worker productivity upwards of $ 300 per hour of WIP installed.

Key methodologies

  • Prefabrication of major mechanical elements.
  • The use of buffers for supply chain management. 
  • Coordination with contractors to design for fabrication and assembly
  • Focus on quality first for design, layout and installation resulting an average 12 RFI’s per month and one month with only 2.

This will be an open discussion to ask questions and share thoughts and findings.

Learn about opportunities to apply these techniques to all aspects of design.


  • Mike Green, OAC Services Inc.
    Mike is the Building Systems Director at OAC Services Inc. He has over 36 years in the industry constructing and leading complex projects requiring BIM, prefabrication and Lean construction to accomplish on time and on budget.
  • James L. Tully, NBBJ Architects
    Jim is a recently retired principal at NBBJ and has been practicing at NBBJ for nearly 25 years.
  • Robby Oylear, AEI Affiliated Engineers
    Robby has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has been practicing since 2007.