People Before Tools, Culture Before Rules + Builder 2.0 - Adapt or Be Left Behind (Dallas / Ft. Worth CoP)

Dallas/Fort Worth Community of Practice

People Before Tools, Culture Before Rules
– Jesse and Jennifer

Just as with any tool on the jobsite – from the simplest hand tool to the most sophisticated technology – the tools are there to help people do their jobs within their teams. Lean tools are no different. Yet, it is easy to forget this when we try to implement Lean tools with a prescriptive approach, rather than focusing first on people. This session will examine how Robins & Morton learned that lesson early in the company’s Lean journey, and how they overcame that by demonstrating that they cared about people, Then, how they used that as a foundation to build a culture of engagement, participation, and shared goals. Other panelists will share their perspectives on the importance of putting people first – including recognizing and supporting the whole person in an inclusive environment. They will discuss how supporting, rather than driving, team members, is the best way to increase productivity. The panel will engage participants in discussing how this approach also creates an opportunity for us to come together as a community of builders, supporting each other in making our industry stronger and more diverse. This is especially critical when our industry is facing a labor shortage, and we need to attract and retain skilled, qualified and experience people.


Builder 2.0 - Adapt or Be Left Behind
- Keyan and Joe

Our industry is quickly evolving—technologies develop, delivery methods transform, and the pace with which we are expected to work is rapidly increasing. The skill set construction leaders needed to be successful a decade ago are very different today, and the modernization of a builders role now demands new competencies, like collaboration, patience, respect, flexibility, accountability, communication and listening, polish, management, and “EQ” (or emotional intelligence). These soft skills are a newer addition to our line of work, but there’s no doubt that they play an essential role and are an important ingredient to our success. The Builder 2.0 Workshops meet an existing need to train for the next evolution of builder. Workshop content will include Leadership and Motivation, Communication and Listening, and Planning & Time Management.