Webinar: Challenging conventional industry wisdom - How Tesla’s Gigafactories have upended standard design and construction Project Delivery (St. Louis CoP)


Industry Webinar: don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Tesla’s former Director of Global Construction, Matt Burkholder, on how he and his team reinvented design and construction project delivery to build Tesla’s Gigafactories at   record-breaking speed. In this webinar, you will gain an insight of how an owner disrupted industry assumptions to achieve what many believed not possible.


  • Matt Burkholder has 23 years of construction experience in the semiconductor and automotive industries, including working at Tesla and Intel. During his 7-1/2 year tenure at Tesla, he held multiple positions, including Director of Global Construction Procurement and Director of Global Supply Management. His experience includes Tesla’s Gigafactories in Freemont, CA, Reno, NV, Buffalo, NY and Austin, TX, and semiconductor factories all over the world.
  • Jose Garcia is the President of Alberici Global Automotive Constructors, LLC., responsible for Alberici's automotive market operations in North America. He also leads Alberici's operations in Mexico. Jose is the executive sponsor for Alberici's Lean Edge initiative and chairs the company's Technology and Innovation Council. Jose also leads the LCI St Louis, Missouri Community of Practice and has co-chaired the LCI Congress Learning Committee in 2020, 2021 & 2022.