WEBINAR: How to Focus on Future Ambassadors


One of Lean’s principles is to get the people actually in charge of performing the work (The Last Planners®) to come together and collaborate on the schedule and address constraints.  The Lean advocate/ambassador’s job is to provide the tools, space and time for the Last Planners to plan their own work.  The Lean advocate/ambassador should therefore embrace the role of a Lean facilitator.  An overzealous Lean advocate/ambassador can often times get in the way and interfere with the planning/problem solving process by always insisting being involved in ALL conversations. This constrains and impedes the actual conversations and problem solving that needs to be occurring between the Last Planners. Taking a step back and embracing the role of facilitator can often times lead to a more effective team and better project overall. This webinar will focus on how you can do more by doing less by empowering the Last Planners to take charge of their own destiny. It will cover how to teach and guide the Last Planners to become more effective and develop an active role in leading their projects through collaborating amongst each other.