National Lean Construction Roadshow Event in MI and CA

Lean Roadshow


Join us for the Lean Roadshow as we bring top-quality Lean learning to your backyard. Get highly applicable instruction targeted to your specific experience level during this immersive education session. This program will create an environment that will spark enthusiasm and curiosity while sharing tools to start and/or support you on your Lean journey. The Lean Roadshow will promote education, networking and first-hand experience from industry experts.

Why Should You Join?

The Lean Roadshow offers attendees foundational information and hands-on learning simulations. Focusing on in-depth education and more advanced applications of Lean principles, the Lean Roadshow promotes education in a real-world context. Check out the upcoming schedule to find the next Lean Roadshow near you. Space is limited, register today!

Upcoming Schedule

A man in a white shirt provides Lean learning to a man in a light blue shirt as they discuss whiteboard topics.
Irvine, CA

Lean Roadshow: Irvine

February 15 & 16, 2023
New Orleans, LA

Lean Roadshow: New Orleans

April 13, 2023
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Portland, OR

Lean Roadshow: Portland

May 9, 2023
Charlotte, NC

Lean Roadshow: Charlotte

July 13, 2023
Orlando, FL

Lean Roadshow: Orlando

August 10, 2023

Past Events

Sunnyvale, CA

Lean Roadshow: Sunnyvale

August 10-11, 2022
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Chicago, IL

Lean Roadshow: Chicago

May 19-20, 2022
Austin, TX

Lean Roadshow: Austin

June 15-16, 2022
Detroit, MI

Lean Roadshow: Detroit

January 11-12, 2023