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LCI Certification is Here!

LCI is now offering its first certification, the Lean Construction Institute-Certified Practitioner-Construction (LCI-CPC). For the first time, the construction industry has a formal skill assessment and portfolio review process to recognize the applied Lean knowledge and skills of its professionals. This certification is designed to test your real-world experience and your ability to apply Lean principles. The LCI-CPC is the first certification from LCI, to be followed by a forthcoming Design certification.


LCI’s Lean Certification is obtained by passing a knowledge assessment exam that tests a practitioner’s existing knowledge and by providing evidence through a portfolio assessment (compilation of work products, Practitioner references, etc.) that demonstrates experience effectively applying Lean to real-world construction projects.

Check out this overview video and download the presentation.

Steps to Certification

Steps to Certification
step 1 through 4 on how to get a lean certification

How many years of experience do I need to apply? 

Eligible applicants will have 3+ years of deploying Lean construction knowledge on real-life construction projects.

Participation in the Lean Construction Institute-Certified Practitioner-Construction (LCI-CPC) program is voluntary and open to anyone meeting candidacy requirements at the time of application.

  • Employer-verified Lean work experience of 3 years equivalent (2,080 hours per year)
  • Two letters of reference each addressing your experience with both Respect for People and Driving Continuous Improvement
  • Agreement to comply with the Certification Code of Conduct in Appendix C of the Candidate Handbook


For more information, download the handbook below.

LCI Candidate Handbook

Answers to most of your questions can be found in the Candidate Handbook. Download it here.

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What is the cost of the LCI-CPC Certification?

The exam fee ranges from $599 for LCI members to $999 for non-members.  For additional fee information, see all frequently asked questions.

Why LCI Certification?

Earning an LCI certification is a mark of distinction that demonstrates your experience effectively applying Lean on real-world construction projects. Hear about the opportunities and benefits of getting certified.


Construct Your Future
With Lean Certification

Owners look for the LCI-CPC.

  • The LCI-CPC designation helps you save time in partner selection, team building and training. With certificated practitioners, you can confidently hire teams with verified Lean knowledge and applied experience.
  • LCI’s Lean certification is a mark of distinction. By hiring companies that employ certified practitioners, you will have the confidence that those who claim to know Lean Construction principles and tools, really do.

Construction practitioners need the LCI-CPC.

  • Becoming an LCI-CPC showcases your real-world Lean experience.
  • LCI Lean Certification helps employers identify you as someone who doesn’t just give lip service to Lean principles, but has demonstrated experience using Lean, putting you in demand in the industry.

LCI-CPC is critical to general contractors.

  • This certification identifies candidates with the knowledge essential for today’s Lean Construction job realities. Supporting employees’ growth in Lean Construction demonstrates your commitment to your team, increasing job satisfaction and minimizing turnover.

Content Outline

The Lean Construction Institute-Certified Practitioner-Construction knowledge assessment exam is divided into three main domains: principles, people-related, and practices. A full content outline can be found here.


Principles– Principles are the guiding ideas that are helping shape the current industry for the better. Determining whether or not your company has a Lean culture, if actions reflect values, these are key aspects of being a Lean professional, and more.

People-Related– Managing a team and engaging with company culture are key to being successful as a Lean professional. Commitment, accountability, forging strong team bonds, all of these and more are crucial aspects of Lean certification and to professional development.

Practices– Application of Lean principles into your day-to-day work and real-life situations. Identifying the 5 Connected Conversations of the Last Planner System®, determining key differences between the implementation of the Last Planner System in construction vs design, distinguishing the difference between leading and facilitating, and more will be critical to verifying your knowledge and preparedness.

The New Standard for Lean Construction Certification

LCI certifications set the standard for construction industry certification. LCI is committed to the development and maintenance of high-quality, nationally recognized certifications that are consistent with the requirements of the American National Standards Institute, the gold standard for U.S. certification programs.

Rooted in Research

In developing its Lean Certifications, LCI launched a rigorous research study, known as a practice analysis, involving a representative sample of more than 270 Construction professionals. The diversity within this group and their high response rate helped to ensure that the LCI-Certified Practitioner-Construction (LCI-CPC) truly reflects the profession and the applied Lean knowledge that Construction professionals implement every day in real-world construction projects.

Over the coming years, LCI Certification will be offering different certifications for Construction and Design professionals. The first certification to be offered starting in 2023 is focused on Construction professionals, the LCI-Certified Practitioner-Construction. One for Design professionals will come in subsequent years.

The Purpose of all LCI Lean Certifications is to:


  • Assess the experience and applied Lean knowledge and skills of Construction and Design professionals implement in their daily work
  • Assure project stakeholders that Construction and Design professionals who profess to apply Lean principles have demonstrated experience using Lean in their job role/functions
  • Help employers, practitioners and the public identify individuals who really have experience applying Lean principles to real world projects
  • Raise the visibility and credibility of the Construction and Design industries through a certification program, and
  • Promote lifelong learning related to Lean.

Led by People Who Know Lean Construction

LCI Certification Work Cluster: Core Group

Kristin Hill
Director, Education & Certification
Lean Construction Institute

Dan Fauchier, CMF, CVF
Certified Master Facilitator for Lean Design and Construction
The ReAlignment Group of California

Virginia Cosgriff, M.S., Shingo Alumni
Operational Excellence Strategy
& Deployment Leader
Shingo Examiner Candidate
McGough Construction

Work Cluster

Amr Abdel-Azim, MSUP, CEFP
Senior Architect
Engineering and Architectural Services
Infrastructure Planning and Facilities
Michigan State University

Sagata Bhawani, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE
Assistant Professor – Department of Construction Management
Lyles College of Engineering
California State University – Fresno

Katherine Copeland
Director, Engineer, Target Value Delivery
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Sergio Garcia
Purchasing Director
Capital Purchases
Procter & Gamble

Kelley Huss, CM
Lean Senior Project Manager
KHS&S West

Ken McBroom, PSP
Certified ScrumMaster
Director of Operational Efficiency

Kristin Moreland
Assistant Project Manager
Cherry City Electric

Henry Nutt, III
Preconstruction Executive
Southland Industries

Tom Richert
Rising Terrain LLC

Rebecca Snelling
RS Consulting
Certification Board Liaison

Jeremiah Sugarman, RA, LSSBB, CSM
Senior Lean Specialist
JE Dunn Construction

Annmarie Thurnquist
Director of Lean Implementation and Process Improvement

Katie Wells, LEED AP
Director of Lean Construction
Brasfield & Gorrie, L.L.C.

Appeals & Complaints

LCI-CPC candidates and certification holders may submit an appeal to request special consideration regarding a decision made by the Certification Commission or its representatives or file a complaint regarding program concerns.

Please review the process for appeals beginning on page 21 of the Candidate Handbook, then you may submit your appeal or complaint at the links below.