Respect for People (2022)

Respect for People (2022)

2022 Theme: Mental Health, Well-being and Us

Our second annual virtual event explored mental and emotional well-being in the built environment. Lack of well-being is widespread. Given all the pressures now impacting the human condition, team members can slip into burnout or malaise, but the good news is that there are techniques that can help. As we improve ourselves, we improve the sphere (personal, professional) around us.

Thank You, 2022 Attendees!

We had a great time at LCI’s 2022 Respect for People event! We look forward to hosting it again soon. Watch out for details related to that upcoming event. As a LCI Corporate Member and/or an event attendee, you have access to past event presentations for a select period of time. 

2022 Presentations

Join your colleagues at the next Respect for People Event!

This event focuses on the LCI tenet, “respect for people,” which is our central tenet of Lean thinking. We cannot be Lean without respecting all people who are involved in the work. Sessions focused on different ways we are getting and giving respect in our work and industry overall.

2022 Details

Explore the 2022 Respect for People agenda, interactive agenda and featured speakers to learn more about what you will gain out of attending our next event.