Congress Track Deep Dive:
Design Your Vehicle to Improve the Journey: Modifying Culture and Behavior for Success

Congress Track Deep Dive:

Design Your Vehicle to Improve the Journey: Modifying Culture and Behavior for Success

The 25th LCI Congress comes to Detroit this fall! We’re gearing up for exceptional Lean learning to enhance your work, your proposals, and your overall Lean practice. As always, our diverse program features topics for every level of Lean and each member of our design and construction industry.

We’re building momentum by featuring each of our six tracks—now including two new immersion tracks—to help you get ready for this year’s Congress!

Design Your Vehicle to Improve the Journey: Modifying Culture and Behavior for Success

Our first track showcases best practices for developing Lean skills and a Lean mindset.

It features topics and stories to elevate Lean principles and collaborative communication while covering strategies to gain buy-in on Lean initiatives. You’ll learn the latest Lean tactics to add value to individuals, teams, and projects, along with best practices for scaling Lean within your team or organization. And you’ll hear first-hand from experts sharing their successes, setbacks, and solutions.

Key Track Takeaways

We’ve put together a powerful program of engaging sessions, Live Labs, and more. In this track, expect to engage on:

  • How to create high performing teams and support your people for project success.
  • How to bring together project partners, including owners, designers, general contractors, and trade partners, at project onset.
  • Metrics that measure improvements derived from Lean practices.
  • Best practices for developing the Lean mindset within your team or organization.
  • Strategies and approaches for developing Lean leaders and inspiring others to start their journey.
  • Tools and processes that add value and drive improvements—Onboarding, Team Health Assessments, Conditions of Satisfaction, Retrospectives, Scrum, and more.

Track Sessions
Learn more about this track’s sessions and view the full program in our comprehensive interactive agenda.

 Don’t miss this track’s panel presentation.

  • Panel 1:
    • Gas-Powered to Electrified: Barton Malow’s Lean Journey
    • Boots on the Ground Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Field-Driven Solutions

 Explore sessions for the Manufacturing Ecosystem.

  • Transformation: The Journey to Mindset to Solutions to Science
  • How Even High-Performing Teams Can Fail from the Start, and How to Prevent It

 Immerse yourself in the rest of this track’s valuable sessions.

  • Addressing Mental Health in the Construction and Design Industry
  • Assembling a Well-Oiled Team
  • Changing the Hearts and Minds of Field Leadership
  • Combat Conflicting Priorities for Safety, Emotional Sharing, and Respect for Workforce
  • Creating a Well-oiled Machine from Many Partners: Not Your Father’s Partnering Plan
  • DEI Supercharges Lean Excellence: Walbridge’s DEI Journey
  • Fostering Inclusive Diversity in Your Circle of Influence
  • How to Be Lean When Others Around You Are Not
  • IPD Is Not for S..but the Rewards Can Be Life Changing
  • Mindfulness for Busy People
  • Perspectives on Developing Project Team Alignment at the Project Start and Mid-Stream
  • Rev Up Your Lean Journey: Re-Purposing Construction Waste to Drive Sustainability
  • Torque Converters: A Vintage IPD Team Meshes up with Next-Gen Design Partners
  • Using Social Media to Accelerate Lean Adoption Worldwide: A Lean Construction Roadmap

Take part in Live Labs for hands-on learning.

  • Live Lab 1 – Daily Huddle, Cost Model
  • Live Lab 6 – Navigating Complex Projects Collaborative Roadmap
  • Live Lab 7 – Driving Lean Culture
  • Live Lab 8 – Flow and Sustainability

Next Up

Stay tuned for deep dives into the rest of the 2023 Congress Tracks—and register today!