LCI honors Victor Sanvido, Southland Industries, with Pioneer Award at upcoming LCI Congress

LCI honors Victor Sanvido, Southland Industries, with Pioneer Award at upcoming LCI Congress

ARLINGTON, Va. – Oct. 09, 2019 — The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) will recognize Dr. Victor Sanvido for his outstanding service to the construction industry and the Lean community by honoring him with the Pioneer Award at its 21st Annual Congress.

Currently serving as Senior Vice President with Southland Industries, Sanvido has been a dedicated advocate of Lean techniques for over 20 years. His influence has been extraordinary in encouraging some of the country’s most progressive owners to effectively implement Lean processes. With a PhD in civil engineering and extensive studies in project delivery, Victor has proven himself uniquely qualified to assist and consult with owners on the best methods of approaching design and construction projects.


“No single member of LCI has done more to create and maintain effective outreach efforts to the owner community than Victor Sanvido. He founded and led LCI outreach efforts to the owner community nationwide, creating the LCI board Owners Committee and recruiting an outstanding roster of members from around the country to serve on it.  He also has been a true pioneer in helping conceive and lead the establishment of LCI owner Communities of Practice around the country. These groups continue to boost owner adoption of Lean in the markets they serve. Victor has long recognized that, ‘as go the owners, so goes the industry,’ and his singular focus on that community has born tremendous fruit for the Lean community over time.” — Dan Heinemeier, Executive Director of LCI

Victor has influenced literally billions of dollars in construction work over the years in which his unique brand of owner consultancy and hands-on support has encouraged and nurtured the embrace of Lean practices. The resulting benefits have been tremendous in terms of project cost and schedule results. His assistance has proved pivotal for owner organizations including Sutter Health, UC/San Francisco, and a host of public and private owners whose projects stretch nationwide. Private sector examples include major construction projects in the high tech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare arenas. He is currently a member of the executive management team on the Pavilion at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the first Lean project of its kind in the area and one of the largest such undertakings anywhere. His involvement has been key to the project team partners and their commitment to Lean project delivery.

Victor has played an integral role in the development of not only Lean processes and alternate delivery models but in the identification and refinement of behaviors within the design and construction industry.  With an understanding that a huge majority of all project activities within the industry represent waste, Victor offers unwavering support for the identification and elimination of wasteful processes. Previously, he served as professor in the Architectural Engineering Department at Penn State, where his accomplishments included both the education of a large number of gifted individuals now serving across the construction industry, as well as groundbreaking research in the areas of alternative project delivery systems and critical project success factors.

“Victor Sanvido’s contributions to LCI and the Lean community over an extended period are unparalleled,” Heinemeier continued.  “He has made LCI a much stronger and more influential organization than we otherwise would have been, and he has impacted our industry for the better by helping project teams coast-to-coast to see and eliminate waste and enhance value for the owners they serve. We could not have chosen a more worthy recipient of this year’s Pioneer Award.”


About Lean Construction Institute: Founded in 1997, LCI is a nonprofit, membership-based organization with a vision to transform the built environment through Lean Design and Construction implementation. With common language, fundamental principles and basic practices, LCI aims to increase stakeholder satisfaction and project delivery value. The design and construction industry’s productivity level has remained nearly stagnant in 50 years as other industries thrive, but LCI seeks to improve the industry by facilitating continuous education through their Transforming Design and Construction book series, Lean instructional training courses and the annual LCI Congress and Design Forum. LCI advocates for using a variety of tools and techniques that help promote collaborative planning, waste elimination and value creation. For more information, please visit

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