LCI Recognizes Bevan Mace, Ph.D. with Chairman’s Award

LCI Recognizes Bevan Mace, Ph.D. with Chairman’s Award

Each year, the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) grants its Chairman’s Award to individuals or an organization that has assisted LCI in transforming the built environment through Lean techniques and tools. For the 2017 Chairman’s Award, LCI has chosen Bevan Mace, Ph.D., in recognition of his significant contributions to LCI and the industry as a whole.

Bevan Mace, Ph.D., is a National Vice President for Operations & Lean at Balfour Beatty US. He has more than 15 years of experience in leading and coaching teams in translating Lean philosophy into practical tactics. He has turned more than $5 billion of concepts into reality. Mace speaks regularly at industry conferences, including programs sponsored by the LCI National Capital Region (NCR) Community of Practice (CoP), and his words have reached many industry participants throughout a variety of organizations and professional disciplines. His mission is to maximize value for customers by nurturing Lean innovation and knowledge-sharing across North America.

“Bevan has a deep understanding of Lean principles and tools, and he is enthusiastic and passionate about spreading that knowledge and helping others to learn and succeed. His knowledge and leadership skills are a tremendous asset to the Lean community, and he has made outstanding and lasting contributions in many areas of the industry,” says Dan Heinemeier, LCI’s Executive Director.

At Balfour Beatty, Bevan’s projects encompass project operations and design implementation, including design and construction Lean planning, Target Value Delivery (TVD), A3s, Choosing by Advantages (CBA) and related project coaching. He is also deeply involved in process mapping and standards, modularization and prefab best practice sharing, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Lean culture training with project teams and executive leadership. “Bevan is a strong leader who is always ready to help others start or advance their Lean journey,” Heinemeier says.

For many years, Mace has been helping to strengthen LCI’s programs. In 2016, he was instrumental in restructuring, strengthening and organizing the LCI Communities of Practice (CoPs) through his involvement, leadership and strategic planning. At the National CoP gatherings in 2016 and 2017, he was a major contributor to the CoPs’ success.

Mace led in the scope development and survey design for the 2016 Dodge Data and Analytics Owner Satisfaction study, which has assisted LCI in establishing the business case for Lean in a much more analytically sound way. He has also taken LCI’s research findings to a highly visible level by developing the “Business Case for Lean” presentation and delivering it at LCI Congress, Design Forums, CoPs, and other associations’ meetings. He continues to lead in the scope development and survey design for the 2017 Dodge Analytics “Lean in Design” study.