Lean Certification is the Key to Evolving our Best Practices

Lean Certification is the Key to Evolving our Best Practices

Sean Graystone, a long-time LCI member, is a senior director at Flour Corporation for Lean and an owner of an independent consulting business called Project Leadership and Delivery. A core member of the team of the rewrite committee for the Associated General Contractors in Construction Education Program, Graystone been part of the LCI Lean Coaches Community of Practice. He supports the LCI-CPC as a vehicle to create a standard set of skills that differentiates Lean practitioners from other contractors and designers.

There is a never-ending learning curve when it comes to Lean construction. Why? Because we are constantly evolving our practices to keep up with today’s technology and complex construction demands. Just as paper planner systems have evolved into sophisticated software platforms, we continuously assess and improve our methods, our culture and our tools.

As Lean has become more relevant for waste management and sustainability, we need consistent metrics and best practices to conceptualize the differences and similarities between Lean construction and Lean manufacturing. We have to take the best of Lean from its pure origins—like the Toyota Production System and the Toyota Development System—and develop applications of Lean that are relevant and forward-thinking. With the LCI-CPC certification, we can demonstrate uniformity of practice and reproduce patterns in system elements. I think it will be a gamechanger for our industry.

Starting my LCI-CPC certification was the right step for me because I am committed to lifelong learning and want to make sure my practices are evolving with the advances in our industry—whatever those may be. I support setting a standard and demonstrating the rigor and authenticity of Lean.

So, challenge yourselves, expand your knowledge and learn more about the LCI-CPC certification process.