Lean Construction Institute launches industry-first Lean certification

The LCI-CPC validates Lean experience for construction practitioners

Arlington, Va. – Feb. 28, 2023—Lean Construction Institute is proud to announce the launch of its first certification, the Lean Construction Institute-Certified Practitioner-Construction (LCI-CPC). The LCI-CPC marks the construction industry’s first formal certification to recognize the applied Lean knowledge and skills of its professionals.

LCI’s unique two-step evaluation includes a knowledge assessment exam, which tests a practitioner’s existing knowledge and experience applying Lean principles to real projects, followed by a capability assessment portfolio review through which subject matter experts evaluate an individual’s experience deploying Lean in the real world. Practitioners with at least three years of experience applying Lean on construction projects are eligible to take the exam and submit a portfolio for review.

“With the launch of the LCI Lean Certification, we are taking a major step in the direction of recognizing our talent, recognizing the growth of the industry, and building a credential that is going to be sought after across the industry,” LCI Executive Director Dan Heinemeier said. “This is also a sign that we’re at a maturation point within the Lean movement of needing to be able to designate and credential people who can actually apply Lean effectively.”

The LCI-CPC was developed in response to a November 2021 industry-wide research study which revealed that a strong majority agreed the certification would add value to the industry and set a needed standard for consistent understanding of Lean design and construction methods and tools. The diverse input gathered through this rigorous study helped to ensure that the LCI-CPC truly reflects the profession and the applied Lean knowledge that construction professionals implement in the real world every day.

LCI is committed to the development and maintenance of high-quality, nationally recognized certifications that are consistent with the requirements of the American National Standards Institute, the gold standard for certification programs. LCI will be offering additional certifications in the coming years, with a Lean design practitioner certification currently in development.

Learn more at https://leanconstruction.org/lean-certification/.