New Construction Project Validation Guide Published

New Construction Project Validation Guide Published

Arlington, Va. – May 15 2019 — The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) published a new guide for construction project validation based on research to lead teams to achieve common goals and maximize value to the owner within budget.

The Project Validation Guide is part of LCI’s annual research and publications program and was developed by Arizona State University’s (ASU) Dr. David Grau, a member of the LCI Research Committee, and his research team at ASU.


What is construction project validation?

A properly validated project is positioned for greater success throughout the project delivery process. Project validation aims at proving or disproving (with limited or no design) whether the team can deliver a project that satisfies the owner’s business case and scope within the allowable cost and schedule and with a level of risk. Validation establishes the basis of design and conceptual estimating and helps teams to accept the shared risks of failing to meet common goals. It encourages teams to stay fluid, transparent, collaborative and innovative while identifying opportunities to add value and build with certainty.

During validation, teams explore and reflect on various concepts for major project items to choose an option well before committing to its design. Validation culminates in an informed go or no-go decision on the project by the owner ahead of the eventual resolution to fund and build the project. It is executed within a short duration and limited budget. Owners seek to make the minimum resource investment that provides the certainty needed for an informed decision. Validation helps owners identify the “biggest bang for the buck” in today’s capital delivery landscape.

Why the need for a guide to effective validation?

Project validation is too seldom used, and confusion exists across the industry as to what validation is and how best to execute it. This guide aims to document the validation process to promote common understanding and afford actionable guidance to practitioners. It provides direction, education and resources to guide practitioners through the decision process they will have to navigate when considering, planning and implementing an effective validation program. It sets out a validation framework while leaving room for variation as needed during planning and implementation.

The Project Validation Guide may be downloaded for free from the LCI website:


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