GEMBA Tour: Modular Prefabrication Shop -

St. Louis Community of Practice


Join us for this exceptional GEMBA “in-action” experience to witness the power of multi-trade prefabrication and building modular assemblies, as the work takes place!  Our host, TJ Wies Contracting, is a partner in the POD Squad team that is currently building the modular bathroom PODs and patient room headwalls for the BJC Phase III Hospital Tower Project. TJ Wies will also be fabricating the prefinished STO Panel Exterior Walls for a local Lexus R23 project.


  • Cameron Wies is President and COO of TJ Wies Contracting, a commercial wall and ceiling contractor headquartered in Lake St. Louis, MO with branches in Jefferson City, MO and Oak Ridge, TN. Cameron is a Core Group member of the LCI St Louis Community of Practice.
  • Tommy Davis is the President and CEO at TD4 Electrical, LLC.  TD4 Electrical is part of the POD Squad Team building the bathroom PODs for the BJC Phase III Hospital Tower Project.
  • Chris Sauer is Project Manager at TJ Weis Contracting. He has over 22 years of construction experience in metal stud framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings, prefabricated bathroom pods, and prefabricated finished exterior wall panels.

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Parking available in front of building.