Gemba Walks for Construction


Construction teams looking to improve the value being produced by workers and to create safer working environments conduct Gemba Walks.  In the Gemba Walks for Construction course, participants will gain insight to the what, why and how to successfully implement this method to support their projects.  This course is important to developing a positive continuous improvement mindset on your projects. 

Learning Objectives:
1. Gain an understanding of the definitions of Gemba and Gemba Walks: “The What.”
2. Identify the purpose and roles related to conducting a Gemba Walk: “The Why.”
3. Discover the process of conducting a Gemba Walk including key guiding questions: “The How.”
4. Gain insight through real-project examples of Gemba Walks and the resulting improvements.

Presenter: Eric Lusis, Aecon Construction Group, Inc.

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