Intro to Industrialized Construction – More than Prefab

Industrialized Construction (IC) leverages Lean operating and manufacturing principles to enhance the construction industry. This webinar delves into how this megatrend promises better quality, faster delivery, and reduced costs, fostering an efficient, sustainable, and worker-centric environment and what we as Lean practitioners can do inside our organizations – whether owner or AEC – and on our projects to elevate our performance and continue to move our industry towards a new model for delivery.

 Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the core principles of Industrialized Construction and its roots in Lean methodology. 
2. Identify the benefits of adopting not just a Lean mindset, but a manufacturing mindset in construction. 
3. Explore real-world applications of Industrialized Construction, including prefabrication and modularization.
4. Discuss strategies for implementing Industrialized Construction at three levels: for Organizations acting on a strategy; for Construction Project Teams that want to move past “hours offsite”; for Productizing Owners to set a robust IC standard.