Introduction to Lean Project Delivery

Most project teams seek ways to add more value for their clients while meeting schedule and budget requirements. By focusing on value and recognizing the various types of waste in project delivery processes, productivity can be increased by implementing the Lean approaches taught in Introduction to Lean Project Delivery. In this webinar, you will gain insight to Lean Project Delivery by understanding how Lean connects people, principles and practices to optimize results by shifting both thinking and behaviors. This webinar, which includes real-life design and construction examples will be an important step on your journey to becoming a Lean Thinker.  Learning Objectives: 1.Gain an understanding of the breakdowns with current project delivery methods, discover the goals and benefits of implementing Lean.  2.Understand the Foundation of Lean as Six Tenets and identify the Eight Wastes as relevant to design and construction. 3.Recognize that Lean is a shift in thinking and behaviors leading to high-performing teams. 4.Discover key Lean practices and tools which result in increased collaboration and improved project outcomes.