IPD for Small Projects

You are still more likely today to hear about the mega-project’s use of Integrated Project Delivery than the smaller projects.  Although the big projects usually command all the attention, small projects make up a majority of the project landscape across the country.  This presentation will focus on a large healthcare system located in Chicago, its first IPD projects utilizing an Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA) and will also focus on small retail health clinics that were built with a hybrid Lean approach.  The presenter is the Owner’s Representative who has worked for this client for over 2 decades on all capital project needs.  This will allow for real world examples showing the progress being made by using the IPD tools and the experience of building over (20) sites in 2 years.  There have been many challenges along the way and the discussion will dive into the inner workings and dealings with various landlords, newly constructed spaces that have fallen behind schedule and are delaying the opening of the clinics, and what the team has done to keep these projects moving forward.  Metrics and outcomes will be presented proving that selecting the same team and working repeatedly with them shows how efficiency can be driven into the construction process.