Principles of Target Value Delivery (TVD)

Staying within the allowable budget and ensuring the team’s innovation increases value to the customer and decreases waste are attributes of successful project delivery and can be achieved through Target Value Delivery (TVD).  In the Target Value Delivery webinar, you will gain an understanding of the phases and key components of TVD and will discover how the components interact together to improve the process and outcome of the project.  This webinar will introduce a repeatable approach to exploring value and empowering your team to optimize the return on investment for the project.

Learning Objectives:
1. Define the meaning of Target Value Delivery and understand the intent of the approach.
2. Define relevant terminology required for implementing TVD and understand the interconnectedness of the four phases, including the actions and outputs of each phase.
3. Identify key Core Components of TVD and how they interrelate to improve the project process and outcomes.
4. Discover set-based design practices, understand the impact of sound decision-making, and the relationship to Target Value Delivery.