Writing Effective RFPs for Lean Projects

Creating a compelling and valuable Request for Proposal (RFP) takes time and effort. It sets the stage for how the entire project will be executed. Far too often, the RFP process is rushed or it is reissued RFP from a previous project. For Lean Projects the RFP needs to be different. It needs to bring out the creative and collaborative nature in our project teams since it is the Owner Project Managers first opportunity to see what the team is capable of building. And more importantly, how the team is going to build. "How will this team work together?" "Who are the people that I want on my team?" Those are common questions asked by Owner PMs. The best way to answer these questions is to allow the RFP process to evolve into a Lean RFP process. John will present his experiences being asked to submit RFPs for Lean Projects that look nothing like a Lean RFP. Real life examples will be presented along with recommendations on how to write and respond to Lean RFPs all coming from the Owner's Perspective.