May 30, 2024

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May 30, 2024

What Courses Should I Take for the LCI-CPC or LCI-CPD?

A question we frequently receive is: “What courses or classes should I take to prepare for the LCI-CPC or LCI-CPD certifications?” The answer, in simplest terms, is that there are none.

Unlike many certificate programs that require specific coursework, the LCI-CPC and LCI-CPD are unique in that they are assessment-based certifications. This means the focus is on your existing experience and knowledge of implementing Lean principles, methods, and tools.

Assessment-Based Certification

The certifications include two key assessments:

  1. Knowledge Assessment: This consists of situational-based, multiple-choice questions that evaluate your understanding of Lean principles and your ability to apply them in various project scenarios.
  2. Capabilities Assessment: This consists of prompts that allow you to highlight your experiences. You’ll be asked to share pictures and examples of your work to demonstrate your practical application of lean methodologies.

Visit the LCI Certifications Refreshers Resources Page for more information.

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June 20, 2024
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July 25, 2024
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Introduction to Choosing By Advantages

San Diego Community of Practice Celebrates 15+ Years of Innovation

It seems almost fitting that this year’s LCI Congress will take place in San Diego, where our thriving community of practice has been working hard to transform the industry for the better part of two decades.

Recently, David Umstot, one of the founding members of the San Diego CoP shared a newspaper article from his files that memorialized the group’s very first meeting back in September of 2008, which at the time drew more than 60 industry professionals.

Upon reflection, it is amazing to realize that the San Diego CoP is approaching its 16th year supporting the local design and construction industry in Southern California, and it is even more incredible to consider the number of members (all volunteers!) who have served on the core group through the years.

The San Diego CoP continues to offer monthly events, with its marque “Industry Day” hosted in August each year for a full day of presentations and learning. This year, however, the CoP will take a break from the Industry Day event while it focuses its energy on supporting Congress in October.

One of the strongest indicators that this CoP is influencing the future of design and construction is its continued active engagement with the Construction Management program at San Diego State University. This partnership provides students with the opportunity to observe how Lean principles are implemented in the industry they will enter after graduation.

LCI Events Calendar is your go-to resource for all regional CoP event offerings – in-person, hybrid and virtual. Be sure to bookmark and check back frequently!

Upcoming CoP Events


Pre-Fabrication Mechanical & Plumbing Shop Tour

Nashville Community of Practice

Curated Content: Lean Leadership

Strong leadership guides teams through tough projects and challenges. Leaders maneuver teams through difficult conversations, tasks, and encourage team innovation. Teams that lack strong leadership often are faced with lack of motivation, projects filled with waste, and problems stacking up.

Leadership in Lean means creating an environment where every team member feels empowered to speak up, discuss issues, and suggest changes. Strong leadership enables this culture of open communication and continuous improvement. Lean principles emphasize producing projects with more value and less waste, but achieving this demands a transformation in leadership structures.

To learn more about effective leadership in Lean click the curated content banner above.

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Learn more about Lean Leadership at this year’s Congress! Here’s a preview from one of our upcoming keynote speakers, Jocko Willink.

Congress as a Catalyst for Change

Congress registration opens next month! Save the date for the 2024 LCI Congress, October 22-25, in San Diego, California, and enjoy learning how a long-time Lean practitioner’s Congress experience has evolved over the years:

“It started in 2015 in Boston. I had so much to learn. It’s like drinking from a firehose to take it all in. Now we go in with more focus and key goals and steer our training and presentations that we attend based on those goals. It’s fun to bring new people and help guide them on their Lean journey.

The energy that results from our Congress attendance every year is meaningful for us as a company. It helps sustain us and keep us going. It’s been a catalyst for much of the improvements we’ve done. It is helping us build a stronger team. Congress has been great for us.”

— Greg Lusignan, Vice President, Lean Champion, Broadmoor L.L.C.

What’s your why? Email your “why” to for a chance to be featured in an upcoming LCI Weekly!

Check out our latest blog post to learn more from Greg Lusignan and Melanie Gilbertson of Flintco on how a Congress presentation inspired their organizations’ collaboration.

Questions on the program? Contact Joan Piccariello.

Want to sponsor/exhibit at the 2024 LCI Congress?

Contact Ilene Goldberg, Manager, Strategic Partnerships at (703) 785-9087.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Information

2024 Congress

Get Lean Topics at Your Jobsite

You can enhance your job site with a Lean Construction Institute poster! These helpful visuals explain and guide your team through important Lean concepts. The posters are printer ready and can be scaled to your desired dimensions. Print downloads are available as a member benefit to LCI Corporate Members, otherwise are available for purchase.

Jobsite Posters

Lean Assessments

How strong is your Lean knowledge? Take a Lean assessment to determine your current state so you have a baseline for improvement. Lean assessments are available for individuals, teams, and organizations alike. Whether you’re new to Lean or are an experienced Lean practitioner, Lean assessments are a great way to get started at LCI!


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