Lean in Design Forum: An Inside Look with Bernita Beikmann

Lean in Design Forum: An Inside Look with Bernita Beikmann

Bernita Beikmann has been involved in the annual Lean in Design Forum as a planning committee member for the past five years. Bernita has served on LCI’s board of directors, she is also the 2015 recipient of the LCI Chairman’s Award. Beikmann is currently the Chief Process Officer at HKS, Inc. Due to her hands-on experience, we interviewed her to find out what she finds most valuable and what positive improvements have elevated the Lean in Design Forum event from her perspective.

The Lean Construction Institute saw a need to bring the design voice to Lean processes in addition to the construction voice. Throughout the years the design forum has evolved. Beikmann notes that early forum conversations were about how important collaboration with the entire project team is during the design process to discuss desired outcomes and lay out Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS). This creates a greater capacity to make changes in the early design stages rather than beginning to build something that needs to be removed or reworked, which ultimately saves time and money.

The Target Value Delivery course will be offered at design forum this year. During the early years of the event, Design Forum brought Target Value Delivery (TVD) to the design space. TVD is a course that helps designers learn how to get the most value from the design process. During this course designers learn how to select the correct material, the right systems, and make the best use of the labor available. By aligning project teams with more diverse systems, it is easier to impact the performance, direction, and outcome of projects. Checkout the interactive agenda to learn about the TVD class.

In recent years, the design forum has tackled relevant topics to elevate design content and speak about issues that impact the industry, such as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), Managing, Adjusting, and Innovating through Disruption, and Evolving with Purpose.

The 2023 design forum theme is the Future of Design: Adaptability and Agility. The presenters will address the future of the industry and explore how Lean principles can support the creation of a clear vision for projects. In addition, presentations will cover how project teams can utilize Lean principles to adapt to constraints and ultimately create the best outcome that meets the needs and requirements of the owner. Sessions will cover industrial manufacturing, culture, technology, and artificial intelligence adoption, just to name a few.

Beikmann thinks one of the best things about the design forum is the opportunity for different market segments within the design and construction realm to collaborate with one another. There are many opportunities to get connected with other attendees through the designated networking breaks, during round tables and in learning courses. The design forum provides a space for collaborative design and construction conversations, which Beikmann notes is important for elevating design content. She looks forward to being part of the forum as both an attendee and presenter.

Design Forum provides opportunities for both new and advanced participants to learn and gain new knowledge. There is something for everyone who is involved in design and manufacturing at this year’s event, taking place on June 20-21 in Chicago.

Learn more about the 2023 LCI Lean in Design Forum by clicking here!