June 27, 2024

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June 27, 2024

Design Award Submissions Due at Midnight on June 27th!

Nominate a project team

The fourth annual LCI Design Award and the second annual LCI Engineering Design Award recognize excellence in the design sphere. The purpose of these awards is to encourage Lean in Design and recognize the architects, engineers, designers, clients, and constructors who work together to improve the design and construction process and produce design excellence in the built environment.

We have opportunity for project teams to submit for two awards:

  • The LCI Design Award – Submit here
  • The LCI Engineering Design Award – Submit here

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the talents of your project team and to receive recognition for their hard work. Entries must be submitted by the lead design firm. If the lead design firm is not an LCI corporate member, entries can be co-submitted with a team member who is an LCI member.

Submissions will be evaluated by a jury.

  • Weighting for the Design Award will be determined in the following manner: 50% design aesthetic; 50% on how Lean tenets (Continuous Improvement, Respect for People, Optimize the Whole, Removal of Waste, Focus on Process and Flow, Generation of Value) were used in the process to obtain the final project.
  • Weighting for the Engineering Design Award will be determined in the following manner: 50% fit for use and generation of value; 50% on how Lean tenets were used in the process to achieve the final project.

The recipients of the 2024 LCI Design Award and the 2024 LCI Design Engineering Award will be notified before the annual LCI Congress. The Design Award will be presented at the 2024 LCI Congress award ceremony on October 24, 2023, in San Diego, California.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and nominate a project team today!

Please contact Joan Piccariello with any questions on the submission process.

Participate In The 2024 Lean Design & Construction Benchmarking Survey!

Every two years, the Lean Construction Institute partners with Dodge Construction Network to study the national utilization of Lean in design and construction. The survey helps obtain important benchmarking data we can track to determine the progress of Lean use throughout our industry and serves as the basis for generating new initiatives to expand that use.

As an active participant in LCI and a member of the Lean community, your input is critical to our success. We invite you to participate in the 12-15-minute survey via the link below.

This research helps us determine the degree to which the design and construction industry is aware of and utilizing the specific Lean practices that most frequently correlate to better project outcomes. It will provide the comparative data we need to understand trends based on previous years’ studies and compare our Lean community vs. a panel representing the broader industry.

Participants need to be familiar with project outcomes (budget compliance, schedule compliance, etc.) and contracting methods, as well as the processes in which project teams engage. Owners, architects, interior designers, engineers and contractors with experience with all types of building projects, from commercial to industrial to infrastructure, are eligible.

Take Survey

To thank you for your participation, upon completing the survey, you will be eligible to receive a copy of the findings of this study and our Lean Deployment Guide.

Please note that your participation will be completely confidential – results will be analyzed and reported to the industry in aggregate only. Individual replies will only be made available to the survey participants.

Make the Case for Congress—Before Prices Go Up!

If your employer covers conference and/or professional development expenses and time off, now is the time to make the case for Congress. You can lock in the lowest registration rates through July 31! Use this customizable approval request to join your Lean community at the 2024 LCI Congress, October 22-25 in San Diego. We hope to see you there for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and actionable Lean learning!

Quick Tip: Register for the Core Program (Wednesday/Thursday), then you’ll have the option to add on the Golf Tournament (Monday), Learning Day (Tuesday), and Gemba Day (Friday).

Register Now!

Contact Joan Piccariello with questions on the Congress program.

Contact Ilene Goldberg with questions on sponsor or exhibitor opportunities.

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Member Connections

This week, 5 Questions With features insights from Sam Spata, AIA, Design Manager at Exyte. Discover the three Lean tools he suggests you learn to start creating your Lean success story.

Sam Spata, AIA
Design Manager, Exyte

What hurdles did you encounter when implementing Lean on a project (in your company), and how did you tackle them?
Most capital projects are delivered within a prevailing, non-Lean culture. We select Lean methods compatible with standard agreements, for example:

  • Web-enabled, pull-planning software to build commitments across a dozen time zones
  • Solving problems with A3 Critical Thinking
  • Using Choosing By Advantages for hard decisions

For some customers, we reveal our Lean methods. For others, we propose solutions with solid backup.

What stories can you share about a successful Lean project (Lean implementation effort) you were involved in and what do you think made it work?
Some years ago, a peer review challenged the design of a 2-pipe FCU system for a private school, developed by a for-profit company. With Choosing By Advantages, we showed the advantage of the alternative – a 4-pipe system – to be 5 added comfort days per year at an additional cost of $1million. The client did not change design; the alternative’s advantage wasn’t worth the cost.

We had confronted a review comment that a 4-pipe system was ‘better’. CBA helped us break that down. 4-pipe is no better in Winter and Summer; marginally better in the swing seasons of Autumn and Spring. We followed the process; it clarified our thinking.

In your opinion, what are the biggest benefits of applying Lean and how have they impacted your projects, your teams, or your organization?
First, Safety is directly related to the Lean tenet of Respect for People. Capital projects are risky and stressful. Lean reminds us to stay human.

Second, Lean supports teamwork. Complex projects are delivered by a gathering of design and construction experts, each of whom brings a depth of knowledge. Lean enables results-oriented communication across disciplines and trades.

Third, Lean shifts the conversation from Lessons Learned (blame-game) to Continuous Improvement (collaborative success).

How do you assess if your Lean game is strong; are there metrics or techniques you rely on and can share?
My Lean gameboard (see pic) locates Process at the center; surrounded by Theory, Vision, Tool, and Habit. Processes are Conditions of Satisfaction; LPS™; Target Value Design; Set Based Design; and Choosing By Advantages.

Processes are measured by project results: cost, schedule, and value performance.

Lean maturity is measured by practice. The greater the correct, routine use of Tools and Habits (A3, Visual Management, Plus Delta, PPC, etc.) the greater the Lean maturity. It really is a matter of just doing it.

If someone’s just dipping their toes into Lean, what advice would you offer from lessons you’ve learned?
Capital projects move at the speed of client commitment. Use Processes and Tools that help your clients to First, make sense of proposed solutions; and Second, make informed decisions that stick.

Learn A3 Critical Thinking; Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS); and Choosing by Advantages (CBA). These form a value chain; from CoS expectations, thru A3 solutions, to CBA decision factors.

If you lead capital projects, you’re action oriented. Don’t ignore Theory and Vision. A profound understanding of Lean will make it easier to repeat success and avoid failure.

You can reach out to Sam directly.

Upcoming Webinars

July 11, 2024
11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
How to Build a Culture of Planning and Purpose

July 25, 2024
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Introduction to Choosing By Advantages

August 22, 2024
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Gemba Walks for Construction

Celebrating Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Our Newest LCI-CPC!

We are thrilled to announce that Felipe Engineer-Manriquez has achieved his LCI-CPC certification. We asked Felipe to share some advice for those embarking on this certification journey, and here’s what he had to say:

  1. Stay Curious and Open-minded: Embrace every learning opportunity. The certification process is designed to challenge and expand your thinking.
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice: Apply what you learn in real-time projects. The more you practice, the more you internalize the principles.
  3. Engage with the Community: Network with other professionals. Their experiences and insights can be incredibly valuable.
  4. Keep a Learning Journal: Document your journey. Reflecting on your progress helps you understand your growth and areas for improvement, even if it is just taking photos of the Lean in action activities.

Learn More

Curated Content: What is Kaizen?

“Kaizen” is the Japanese word for continuous improvement. In Lean thinking, Kaizen represents the philosophy of constantly enhancing processes. By maintaining the mindset of Kaizen, we strive for ongoing improvements, ensuring efficiency and excellence in all our endeavors.
Learn more about Kaizen by clicking the curated content banner above.

Get Lean Topics at Your Jobsite

You can enhance your job site with a Lean Construction Institute poster! These helpful visuals explain and guide your team through important Lean concepts. The posters are printer ready and can be scaled to your desired dimensions. Print downloads are available as a member benefit to LCI Corporate Members, otherwise are available for purchase.

Jobsite Posters

Lean Assessments

How strong is your Lean knowledge? Take a Lean assessment to determine your current state so you have a baseline for improvement. Lean assessments are available for individuals, teams, and organizations alike. Whether you’re new to Lean or are an experienced Lean practitioner, Lean assessments are a great way to get started at LCI!


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