2020 Design Forum Keynotes Announced

2020 Design Forum Keynotes Announced

LCI is grateful to see member companies donating supplies from projects such as N95 masks to hospitals to protect our healthcare professionals during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Two of LCI’s well known manufacturing members, General Motors (GM) and Procter & Gamble (P&G), have pledged to produce important supplies that will help keep Americans safe both on the front lines and at home.


General Motors will partner with Ventec to rapidly produce and distribute ventilators. As many know, the U.S. is experiencing a scarcity of life saving ventilators in hospitals. GM’s contribution will give many people who have contracted the virus the opportunity to get better, and holds the promise of saving many lives in the months ahead.

Similarly, Procter & Gamble is manufacturing and donating necessary supplies such as face masks and hand sanitizer to hospitals, health authorities and relief organizations in response to COVID-19. They have increased production of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. P&G had not previously produced masks, however, they have shifted production to help meet this critical need as well.

The Lean Construction Institute is pleased to salute these two companies’ commitment to service and being part of the solution. Both GM and P&G utilize Lean methodologies and practices in their manufacturing and construction processes. LCI is gratified to see that companies are able to shift production as part of Lean thinking, which in this instance stands to promote health and save lives. As the search for a cure to COVID-19 continues, our community remains strong and it is support like this that will help slow the spread and flatten the curve.

Together we are strongest!

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