Architecture 3.0 – Disruptive Design Practice

Architecture 3.0 – Disruptive Design Practice

Get ready for the  2019 Lean in Design Forum  keynote address from Cliff Moser, author of Architecture 3.0: The Disruptive Design Practice Handbook, on Thursday, May 30! Cliff will directly address both the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of design, and the future for designers.


According to his book, disruption in architecture happens in these five parts:

  1. You – the designer in disruption
  2. Your profession – employment and practice
  3. Your tools – innovative instruments of practice
  4. Your place in the world – clients, consultants, projects and people
  5. Your future – navigating and shaping disruption

With this disruption, Cliff claims designers will be able to take on new roles inside and outside the profession, like the process analyst, and new practice models such as the knowledge engineer. When teams implement Lean throughout the project lifecycle, architects are empowered to take on these new roles and focus their creative problem-solving expertise in other project realms to contribute to the overall goal.

Don’t be left behind as Lean and Architecture 3.0 shape the future of our design and construction industry! Register to learn from Cliff Moser’s keynote address and the rest of the program at the 2019 Lean in Design Forum, held May 29-30 in partnership with AIA and P2SL in Chicago.

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