Doing your part to extend Lean education across our industry

Doing your part to extend Lean education across our industry

We know our industry has experienced a significant lag in productivity growth for more than 20 years, and we know Lean processes are a proven solution to improving productivity and project outcomes. As skilled practitioners such as LCI Instructors guide more and more learners through interactive education courses, we will begin to bridge the knowledge gap in our industry.

LCI Instructors play a large role in transforming the built environment by providing practitioners with the foundational knowledge, skills and tools needed to implement Lean with their team. By leading the learners through the course simulations, LCI Instructors expand their network and often learn something new from the students’ perspectives!

In addition to educating our industry, LCI instructors also serve as a conduit for continuously improving LCI education courses. We believe that because our instructors are in the field interacting face-to-face with participants, they will know best how to improve the course material.

“Becoming an LCI Instructor is one of the best things I’ve done for my business. I have received exposure throughout the country that I couldn’t have achieved through my own marketing strategies, alone. I am often the first trainer/consultant that companies meet after becoming an LCI member; I present education courses at LCI national conferences; and everyone at LCI is incredibly supportive – all leading to the business growth for which I’m striving.”

Julie Glassmeyer, Owner, Glassmeyer Construction Consulting & Coaching, LLC

If you are an LCI corporate member with experience implementing Lean processes such as The Last Planner System®, Big Room and Target Value Delivery with a team, apply to become an LCI Instructor and do your part in spreading Lean across our industry!

Create a MyLCI profile if you have not already to receive LCI Immersive Education Program updates about new resources like the new Mindset of an Effective Big Room eLearning course to be released this year!