Farewell and Celebration: LCI Director of Education and Certification Announces Retirement

Farewell and Celebration: LCI Director of Education and Certification Announces Retirement

A message from LCI executive director Dan Heinemeier:

I want to take this opportunity to notify the Lean community that our director of Lean education and certification, Kristin Hill, has just advised us of her desire to retire effective March 1. This is a sad announcement for LCI, but we also celebrate with Kristin as she enters this new phase of life with the leisure time she wants to pursue post-career goals, interests, and hobbies.


In her seven years with LCI, Kristin has distinguished herself in taking our education programming from an embryonic state to a very advanced one in terms of both volume and content. She spearheaded the development of a host of new education material over the years, from the entire suite of eLearning programs to rolling out advanced coursework in areas like Target Value Delivery. We now have a substantial body of LCI-approved content that sets the standard by which all Lean learning in our industry can be measured. She also pioneered in the creation of an approved instructor program of competent teachers of the content. Our major conferences such as the annual LCI Congress and Design Forums have been hugely benefited by the learning days content Kristin has overseen.


In just the last two years, Kristin has also led the development of a new, capabilities-based individual certification credential for constructors, with a separate credential for designers now just a few months from release. The initial offering quickly racked up over 500 applicants aspiring to earn the credential, LCI-CPC.


Kristin will be sorely missed by her colleagues and friends here among LCI members and staff, but we wish her all the best for a healthy and fulfilling retirement full of travel and other fun and active pursuits. The Lean Construction Institute is now actively recruiting a replacement for Kristin, ideally from among the Lean Design & Construction community. If you are interested in learning more about the position please contact us at careers@leanconstruction.org