John Zachara Honored with 2023 LCI Board Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Lean Design and Construction

John Zachara Honored with 2023 LCI Board Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Lean Design and Construction

(ARLINGTON, VA – October 4, 2023) – The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) has named John Zachara as its 2023 LCI Board Achievement Award recipient. The annual award recognizes individuals who have moved the Lean Construction Institute forward in meeting its mission of Transforming the Design and Construction industry through Lean solutions.

With a Lean journey that commenced in 2012, John Zachara has played a pivotal role in raising awareness of Lean methodologies and implementing Lean practices within his organization and with client organizations. His dedication to Lean is evident through his leadership and active involvement at the local level, notably with the Chicago Community of Practice (CoP). John has been an integral part of the Chicago CoP Core Group since 2015, leading the group for over two years. His efforts have significantly contributed to the growth and maturity of the CoP, enhancing the quality of events and presentations.

A vocal advocate for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Lean, John Zachara leverages his position as an owner’s representative to drive the adoption of Lean principles on projects. His experience in utilizing Lean methodologies, particularly the Last Planner System®, has made a lasting impact on projects he has worked on.

In addition to his local involvement, John Zachara’s contributions extend nationally. He serves as the Vice Leader of the National Practice Team, showcasing exceptional leadership and active participation in planning meetings that shape the future of the Lean community on a broader scale. Furthermore, John has been instrumental in developing and delivering courses for the Congress learning day, catering to advanced practitioners.

John Zachara’s dedication also manifests in his academic and research contributions, with notable efforts in supporting and contributing to the LCI-CPC certification development, earning the LCI-CPC-SME designation. As an LCI Approved Instructor, he has presented courses through a variety of avenues, including the Chicago CoP and LCI webinars, enriching the knowledge base of Lean practitioners.

John’s advocacy for the LCI mission extends beyond traditional platforms. He actively engages in spreading awareness through social media, amplifying the benefits of Lean methodologies and the mission of the LCI.

In a testament to his commitment to causes dear to him, John Zachara has been recognized nationally by the American Heart Association as a Champion for Health Equity. His extraordinary efforts in raising over $76,000 for the American Heart Association’s life-saving mission underscore his dedication to societal well-being.

The Lean Construction Institute commends John Zachara for his outstanding contributions, and the Board Achievement Award is a testament to his unwavering commitment to advancing Lean principles in the construction industry.

John will be recognized during the award ceremony at the 25th LCI Congress on Thursday, October 26th in Detroit, Michigan.