LCI honors Albert Manshum, with Pioneer Award at upcoming LCI Congress

LCI honors Albert Manshum, with Pioneer Award at upcoming LCI Congress

The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) will recognize Advocate Aurora Health’s Albert Manshum for his service to the design and construction community by awarding him the 2021 Pioneer Award.

The Pioneer Award recognizes individuals who have moved the design and construction industry forward in embracing and implementing Lean tools and techniques.

Mr. Manshum has supported the mission, goals and programs of the Lean Construction Institute by championing Lean Project Delivery from the owner’s perspective, presenting at the LCI Design Forum, and holding owners forums as an LCI Board Member. His vision to “eliminate massive waste” and to lead the building industry in transforming its practices and culture, began in 2008 when he became an influential owner in the Chicago area.

He played a significant role in establishing learning and support for Wisconsin and Illinois design and construction practitioners by supporting both the LCI Chicago and Milwaukee Communities of Practice (CoP’s). He also has contributed to developing the LCI Owners Community of Practice.

Mr. Manshum played a seminal role in developing and implementing new Lean tools and techniques in support of project design and delivery. He has been instrumental in developing leading Lean Practices in all support operations across the Advocate Aurora Health organization, not just design and construction. His leadership on this front has resulted in real service improvement, enhanced customer satisfaction, quality, safety and cost improvements towards the organizations Transformation 2025 initiatives.

Mr. Manshum tirelessly supports all things Lean inside and outside his organization. He speaks to Executive leaders about all aspects of eliminating waste, enhancing performance and quality, safety, sustainability and culture. Outside the organization Mr. Manshum frequently speaks at local CoP’s, Owners CoP’s and National LCI events.

We look forward to presenting Mr. Manshum the 2021 LCI Pioneer Award during the award ceremony at the 2021 LCI Congress in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday, October 21, 2021.