LCI Recognizes Sutter Health with Pioneer Award

LCI Recognizes Sutter Health with Pioneer Award

(Arlington, Virginia) – Lean Construction Institute (LCI) today announced that its board of directors has voted unanimously to award its highest annual recognition, the Pioneer Award, to Sutter Health. The award recognizes an individual or organization that has moved the design and construction industry forward in embracing and implementing Lean tools and techniques on capital projects.

“Sutter Health has demonstrated outstanding leadership in supporting the mission and programs of LCI,” said Dan Heinemeier, Executive Director. “They have been a rapid adopter of new processes and technology designed to improve trust, culture and transparency in the areas of planning, coordinating, pricing and tracking of project work,” he said.

The organization developed and continues to promote their “Five Big Ideas for Lean Project Delivery,” which serve as a guideline for companies striving to meet Sutter’s high expectations. “These ideas provide a useful translation and application of Lean thinking to the delivery of large, complex projects,” said Joan Piccariello, LCI Director of Program Development.

“Sutter Health has played a pioneering role in implementing Lean principles on projects,” said Heinemeier. The organization originated a new contract structure, the Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA), a key component of the Lean design and construction process. Since 2008, Sutter Health has completed $1.5 billion in IFOA projects, and has another $2.8 billion in on-going IFOA projects. All projects have been completed on or ahead of time and at or below budget.

“In addition to freely sharing their learnings with the larger Lean community, Sutter Health has committed themselves to encouraging other owners to embrace Lean practices in their projects,” said Heinemeier. The organization has led numerous meeting and conference presentations on behalf of LCI, and even funded a community of suppliers to learn Lean principles on Sutter projects. “They’ve truly embraced Lean practices at all levels of the organization,” said Heinemeier.

LCI will present Sutter Health with the Chairman’s Award at its 18th Annual Congress, to be held October 3-7, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. The event, LCI’s largest of the year, brings together the Lean community for learning and networking.

About Lean Construction Institute: The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1997. The Institute operates as a catalyst to transform the industry through Lean project delivery using an operating system centered on a common language, fundamental principles, and basic practices. The organization’s Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS) applies lean principles pioneered in manufacturing to construction. LPDS tools facilitate planning and control, maximize value, and minimize waste throughout the design and construction process. LCI’s national headquarters is located in Arlington, VA.

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