LCI rolls out a new Lean Learning Series

LCI rolls out a new Lean Learning Series

The LCI Immersive Education Program developed the LCI Lean Learning Series to address challenges some LCI Community of Practice (CoP) leaders and LCI corporate members face when finding speakers and presentation content for their communities and project team members.

One challenge CoPs and member companies often face is offering short, 60-90-minute interactive events on a regular basis. With the new Lean Learning Series, facilitators present for 30-45 minutes and leave the rest of the time open to group discussion! Another challenge was finding LCI Instructors near events to deliver the deep-dive educational workshops such as Mindset of an Effective Big Room. Now, any design and construction practitioner with a foundational understanding of Lean will have the tools to easily lead a Lean Learning Series anywhere in the U.S. to foster continuous learning.


What is the LCI Lean Learning Series?

The new Lean Learning Series is more structured than a Lean Coffee yet shorter and less structured than an LCI education course. It is a facilitated discussion-oriented event focused on a specific Lean subject matter and ideal for a lunch and learn!

Its purpose is to provide just enough knowledge base to kick start an engaging Lean discussion without an experienced LCI Instructor. Each Lean Learning Series topic is embedded with leading questions meant to trigger discussion among the participants.

LCI Lean Learning Series topics available now for LCI corporate members and offered at CoP events include:

  1. What is Lean?
  2. Exploring the 8 Wastes
  3. Last Planner System®™
  4. Big Room
  5. Target Value Delivery
  6. A3 Thinking

Get started! To start using the LCI Lean Learning Series to spark a Lean conversation at your CoP or company, email LCI corporate members can access the Series if they are marked as an organization’s primary contact, billing contact or Lean Champion in their MyLCI account. Then, corporate members will find the Series for download in their MyLCI dashboard. If you have questions about accessing as a corporate member, email

Note: only LCI corporate members and LCI CoP leaders have access to this content. If you are not a corporate member but would like to join and gain access to the LCI Lean Learning Series and other exclusive resources, email

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