LPS + TAKT = A Rhythm for Increased Project Success

LPS + TAKT = A Rhythm for Increased Project Success

How can a high performing team continue to improve after being named best contractor of the year? By combining a Takt Production Matrix (TPM) with Last Planner System® (LPS®), Lott Brothers Construction Company (LBCC) and Continental Properties (CP), a top 10 multifamily developer, exceeded all previous performance standards on a multifamily project near Houston. The TPM provides a one-page takt/zone/trade schedule and completion status of the project with clearly delineated takt/LPS® trade handoffs of takt zones. TPM provided the framework for takt production control and LPS® ensured the trades coordinated daily progress needed for takt zone handoffs. Together, TPM and LPS® formed an enhanced delivery tool for an already high-performing team to exceed previous production standards.

The project consisted of 12 two-story apartment buildings which were 24,000 square feet each, this included garages, pools, and a clubhouse which brought this project to a grand total of 309,319 square feet. Despite some delays, the clubhouse was delivered 2 months ahead of schedule and the overall project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule. CP has developed projects in 19 states employing top multifamily contractors using detailed CPM schedules. LBCC is the only CP contractor deploying both TPM and LPS®. These project results led CP to recommend that all contractors to use both TPM and LPS® production methods on future CP projects.

LBCC team members met collectively and individually with trades to plan project workflow by confirming a Path of Construction (POC), work zones, and logical sequence of work activities to be completed by single or multi-trade work teams during one-week takt periods in each zone.

A TPM showing POC work zones, and single or multi-trade work activities, provides all team members a transparent view of weekly production. Trade work planned for a takt week is the diagonal sequence of cells for a specific takt week or the Balanced Production Front. Production is managed using LPS® concepts with daily monitoring of production needed for planned handoffs. Use of TPM and LPS® daily monitoring increases the reliability of logistical inflows including information, materials, and equipment as well as improving takt/trade handoffs, stabilized trade personnel resources, reduced mobilizations, improved trade coordination, reduced conflicts, and enabled early project completion.

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