First-Hand Perspective on Certification From LCI-CPCs

Join LCI-CPC certified practitioners for a first-hand view of their certification experience. Panelists will share their personal certification journeys and how the LCI-CPC has helped them tap into new opportunities for themselves and their companies. The panel will also share their personal tips and insights for earning this prestigious designation. 

Learning Objectives:

1.Understand the role of LCI-CPC certification in Lean construction;
2.Discuss why the LCI-CPC is important for owners;
3.Learn about the benefits of LCI-CPC for practitioners;
4.Gain tips for earning the LCI-CPC.

Everyone in Lean construction should attend this webinar. Owners can attend the webinar to know how LCI-CPC certification helps them reduce waste in hiring and training time. And practitioners can attend the webinar to learn more about how the certification is a step towards better opportunities in Lean construction.