Lean Behavior Tools and Practices

Northern California Community of Practice

Over the last 25 years, LCI has developed an extensive tool kit of Lean Best Practices. What we have been missing, until now, is a tool kit of leadership best practices - leadership skills that can be used at every level from work crew to executive leadership.

LCI now has an expansive kit of practical leadership tools, collected and introduced in a new, two-day "High Performance Leadership Workshop". The tools can be learned in bite-sized chunks and adapted for project teams and companies and applied to: Meetings (from 1 on 1 to Big Room), Interpersonal Communications/Conflict Interventions, Effective Stakeholder Engagement, Collaborative (win/win) decision making, and collaborative problem solving. Becoming familiar with the 5 leadership arenas in which the tools are applied: - Participants understand how they can build their leadership tool kit to advance their careers.

In addition, understanding behaviors and what drives them is essential to getting work done. Ever wonder why teams that supposedly know what to do, don't perform as expected, even though you are certain you provided clear instruction? This session provides practical tools the audience can use in their everyday life to improve the likelihood of successful outcomes on projects and in any relationship. The content is helpful for leaders and team members alike.

Victor Ortiz and Jeff Long will facilitate this interactive session, pulling from issues identified by the audience and demonstrating how the leadership tools can be used in a pragmatic way to help address them.